Thursday, September 29, 2011


This handsome doctor asked me. Well, he is a doctor, but not my doctor. He is err.. more or less my colleague. Whatever.

"How's your convo?"
"It just a convo,"

He looked at me. Right into my eyes and widen his eyes.

"It just a convo. Seriously. It just me on the stage receiving transcribe, or certificate, or whatever,"
"Awak ni. It is once in a lifetime tau,"
"Well, if it stops here then yes. What if I pursue my study? It's no longer once, kan doktor?"

I went back to my clinic and everybody started to ask my convo thing. Like, whoaaa how fast the words spread! Because there were very few people knew that I was on leave to Penang, so it irritated a bit.. for me. Daddy will nag on me if he hears or knows this. Hmm... daddy always mention I'm.. sort of.. hmm.. forget it.

Well. Because he is handsome,and he did open house for Syawal when I was in Penang so it doubles the losing thing. Huh, I lose my chance to meet his handsome son, (if any) because of convo lah kan? Sebab bapak dia handsome, sah sahlah kalau dia ada anak, anak dia handsome kan? Genetically inherited. Ke macam mana? Hahhahaha. 

No. No. No.
That's not the point.

"Nak sambung bila?"
"I don't know lah doktor. Nampaknya, semuanya belum mengikut plan. But well, I'll tell you,"
"Awak jangan sorok sorok pulak. Hint hintlah sikit,"
"Hhahahaha. Tak de kerja saya nak sorok. But don't worry lah doctor. I will tell you, definitely I will. You will be my first person. But.. no, second,"
"First gonna be my parents, then you,"

I laughed and I hear he's laughing too when I went off. 
What a day.


I don't know if I can do this on my own.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

... [27]

I don't know how to say this, but... I have a lot of questions now to ask. The questions that you allowed me to raise and you'll find time to answer. The questions, that make me change my perception towards you.. where it had been clouded with something that I couldn't have believe that. The questions that causing the hatred to disappear and answering all the doubts. The questions that tell me; cold people isn't bad and warm people isn't harmless.

You're you.
Only if I can tell you why.

Is this another way to tell how I miss those chats?

Errr, Bukan Salahku


Ni yang aku tak berapa gemar orang sesenang bagi no fon aku pada patient. Bukan aku marah, cumanya aku rasa privasi aku diceroboh tsk tsk tsk. Ada je patient aku bagi no fon aku just incase and aku suka kalau muka diorang macam ada sinar sinar harapan gitew.

Okay, over.

And now I am considering for the second number so I can divide between personal and professional. Pang, lempang sedasss! Tak tak, sumpah tak best.

Macam tadi.

Gelak luuu!

Pukul 8 setengah lagi tepon berbunyi, tengok nombor mula ngan 016, maybe my BFF asking to attend another BFF's convo. So, aku ignore je dulu sebab aku mengantuk lagi (alasan layan tetamu semalam), kedua, aku tak suka jawab telefon masa bangun tidur. 

Namun masalah ketiga akan muncul bila aku akan terlupa untuk return calls and reply mesejsss. 

Hari ni aku teringat pukul 1130 aku dapat call pagi buta (buta ke?) dan dengan rajinnya aku mesej balik sebab aku teringat dan nak pesan tak sempat datang. Dengan kawan kawan bangun tengahari pun apa kesahlah kan?

"Weh, wuu barung bangun. Tarak orang mau hantar KTM la,"

Guess what?
Guess what?
Guess what??!

"Hello, is this Huda? The audiologist?"

Sniff sniff bau kemarahan telah kuhidu.

"Yes. I'm Huda,"
"I'm bla bla, I called you last bla bla bla, and set the appointment at 2 pm bla bla,"
"Yes. We'd waiting for you that time and you're not coming. But, that's fine. That's not the problem. We can rescheduled your mom's appointment? "
"I'm on my way,"

Tak kisahlah kau salah ke, kau betul ke, benda benda swasta ni kena jaga reputasi. Seka air mata dalam hati.

"I'm sorry to say this, but did somebody mention to you that I'm no longer working there?"
"Okay. It's okay..."
"So how now?"

Err. Aku tak habis cakap lagi. Sob sob sob.

"Could you please give whoever that I can contact?"
"Yeah sure. I'll message you the permanent audiologist's phone number,"
"Okay thank you,"

Lega. At least ada terima kasih. Kau tahu tak besar rahmat terima kasih tu kalau kau dapat masa orang tengah tak selesa dengan kau? And friend, sorry to break your privacy as I don't know how to handle now. I'm not there, no longer part of them, and.. tsk tsk tsk.

Now the laughing part!

Did I accidentally mentioned to my patient that I just woke up at 1100 am?


In Zati's Alza like whoaaa.. you own a car now!
Sorry  Thia, I'll upload your goofy face next time. :DD
And Moh, you bigger tummy now as another human inside it. Kekkeke.
And zati, your expert driving skill despite you curse the bad drivers as well. Kekkee.
And Kak In, your istikharah thing. BAHAHAHA.
And Nad, your loyalty. :D

My BFFs start their convo now, this week and the following weeks. I'm sorry if I'm not available attending yours. I dislike this formality, I dislike mine.. but I'm trying hard to love yours, dear. It just the time is not convenient, the transportation, and my malasness is something better to entertain. Kekkekeke.

But, mind you dear.. the smile above, is my pure smile. Do you still remember the giggles we had when we met?

I miss those. That's better than meeting during convo.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 19: Lawan Cakap?

"Dengan kawan mengekek sangat, dengan adik beradik, mak ayah?"
"Sebab tengok masa baik, cuba masa tak?"


Have you ever feel that you're guilty but you still can't change no matter how hard you've tried?
And I'm sorry for not being the way you want me to.

Day 19 - Disrespecting your parents.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

You Ask Me To

I forgot to bring my camera, 
They provided that.

I forgot the steps,
But immediately realized that.

I forgot to bring my heart with me,
But they encouraged me to create a new one.

I want to run away,
But they successfully let me to stay still.

I missed the past,
But apparently...

I don't know what to say.
Not now,
Not never.

Past is past.
They said that.

"Huda, are you coming?"
"When will be your session?"
"Evening, at 3 pm I guess. Will you be coming too, Prof. D?"
"Yes. I need to be there for 5 days,"
"Oh, that's good. Besides my parents, you're the main reason I wanna come,"

Because Audiology starts with 'A', the first alphabet, we were set to be the first course on stage. Because of the 'A', I sat at the first line, beside the red carpet, and privileged with the clear view of the people on stage and of course the clearest one, the Canselor (do I spell it right?)

I spotted my parents and relieved they've got their seats. I spotted my second parents (Azah's), and found them straightaway. I had no other to spot and out of sudden I found Azah is very lucky. She has her husband with her where I don't. Kekekekkee.

"Everybody's holding the flowers, you want one?"
"No thanks,"
"Teddy bear like hers?"
"No. I already have one and I don't want to have another one or replacing the one that I already have,"
"Maybe you want something like them?"
"Mom, you don't have to buy me anything. I have enough. You encouraged me to come here so I won't be missing one of my special occasion. That is everything. At least I have this moment. At least I be here. At least we still bought the pictures so your grandchildren, my children wont be missing that their mother has this. Just like you said, right? I don't want you to waste your money as I don't need that,"
"You don't have to ask me, neither do to be like them. I'm different. And it's not hurting me at all because I don't receive like every graduate students get. That's clearly not the reason for me to be upset. It's good to have all of those, but it is far better to be me, besides, I already make a wish, the only thing that I want to be here is this, holding the important one. Maybe someday I want to be like them. Holding a bouquet of flowers, the teddy bears, the cute presents. Someday. But not today,"

Don't worry mom, I like to be like them. I like to be appreciated like that. I like the sweet and cute things. I like the convo thing now. And I wish, I will make this occasion better in the future.

It just my own ego do the talking, mom.

I pray.

Oo Allah, 
If this thing is already fated the way I want it to,
Please let me meet easily,
Without planning,
Without hoping,
Just accidentally.

So I know I can start to hope back.

If it happens to be otherwise,
Then I know I can stop now,
And please,
Replace the better one for me...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alahai Comelnya!

Aku dapat sorang pesakit, lelaki, terus aku teringat dear friend of mine masa kat USM dulu. Fuh, bunyi dulu macam lamo benor. Pakai spek, tinggi bezanya kuruslah kot.

Aku punya senyum sampai malam sampai terus aku tarik keluar handphone text-ed ayat tak masuk akal.

"Salam. Saja tak ada kerja,"

Kekekkeke. Cari pasal buat orang mengamuk.


"Encik X, masuklah,"

Normally aku akan tengok muka, gaya, just to predict ada significant hearing loss ke tak. And macam biasa, aku akan rasa a bit tak selesa kalau kena berdua dengan lelaki apatah lagi muda.

"Lama tunggu?"
"Tak apa,"

As I have back-to-back patient, aku punya berdebar lain macam as another patient was waiting outside too. 

"Okay, kita tengok apa ceritanya,"

Sambil sambil aku belek folder baca, aku senyum. Sebab everytime aku guna ayat kat atas tu, aku rasa kau dan patient tak ada barrier. Ayat tu selalu Dr. R guna untuk patient dia dan setiap kali aku observe, aku rasa seronok. Then bila aku sendiri jadi patient dia, sumpah rasa dia macam oh di apprecite sangat.

So, I will keep using it.

And setiap kali aku pandang patient ni, dia senyum je sampai aku terasa aii murah benar senyum. And each time dia nak jawab, atau dia jawab, sangat berhati-hati. Sejibik kawan aku yang sorang tu. Dan setiap kali dia jawab, dia akan tergelak kecil, dan aku kena gelak cover. Aku mana reti gelak kecik kecik nih. Gelak besar je aku reti.

"Spinning sensation?"
"Pernah, masa doktor cuci telinga. Tapi kejap je, lepas tu okay,"
"Oh, datang dengan kawan?"
"Tak? Pastu drive sendiri dengan pening macam tu,"

Dia ketawa kecik bila aku kerut kening.

"Ish bahaya tu encik,"
Sebab dia keep on smiling, aku memang tak boleh nak serius. Allolololol.

"Discharge dari telinga ada?"

Dia senyum and ketawa kecil lagi.

"Saya ada tabiat guna cotton bud. Sometimes sampai berdarah darah. Gatal,"
"Hah? Tak sakit ke?"

Dia tak jawab soalan aku tapi keep on senyum. Aku yang dengar ni pun ngilu. Tapi nilah first time aku jumpa pesakit sungguh murah sneyuman. Aku ingat aku je yang murah senyuman bila jumpa pesakit. Kkekekkekeke.

"Tu yang doktor kata dah berlubang,"

Menganga aku, tapi dia kekal senyum. Sumpah aku rasa mamat ni sweet time ni.

Sebenarnya aku tak perlu masuk kerja pun that day, tapi disebabkan nurse call ada patients so aku yang jenis tak boleh dengar benda macam ni, terus okay kan aja since aku pun bukan buat apa dan aku berkebetulan perlu ke hospital untuk setelkan hari graduasi. Damn I hate that.

So padahnya bila aku masuk kerja tak terduga ialah tak ambil breakfast, tak bawak air, tak bring any coklat as I always do.  Dan bila aku tak breakfast masalahnya is this; perut aku menyanyikan lagu rocksss! So that day adalah evil kot aku harap patient will hove at least mild loss so he wont notice that. Despite aku tau (perhaps aku predict je), yang dia masih tak ada anak (or maybe tak kahwin lagi), aku guna jugak sampai aku geli hati sendiri.

"Anak tak ada komen ke kalau encik tengok TV, volume kena kuat ke?"

Kerut kening. Aku ketawa dalam hati.

Geleng kepala.

Now the horror part ialah during the assessments perut aku dah beronar sakan! And kepala aku pening sebab aku dah mula cuba tak makan after 8pm so sekarang dah 1230 pm, maunya aku tak separuh pengsan?

 I laughed off as the patient started to notice.

"Kesian doktor, tak sempat makan eh?"


Bila 5 minit keadaan tak okay so aku terpaksa buat kerja gila, tengok handphone utnuk masa. mintak maaf kena keluar kejap perhaps hoping ada emergency or look like that. Benda ni takkan setel and aku tak ada masa nak makan ke or whatever as I had another patient waiting.

And I went to toilet so guess what I was doing?



Aku pergi tandas minum tiga teguk air paip lepas tu aku rasa nak muntah starightway!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Banyak Cantik?

Tak adalah beautiful mana just hmm.. hanging out with dear friends masa zaman zaman belajar and text-ed the others to let them what? Jealous? Haaa. 

We decided to watch movie yang dah tentu tentu aku yang pilih cerita.

"Kak Hud. Ni?"
"Aku tak layan melayu, sorry,"
"Huda, yang ni?"
"Urgh.. tak layan komedi,"

Sudahnya aku pilih Contagion yang aku dah tahu and boleh predict jalan cerita. Nak pilih Final Destination 5, kang ada yang termuntah dalam tu kang. Cliche sangat kot cerita macam ni. Well, cerita a bit slow, bosan for another word. Virus datang, jumpa cure, dunia stabil kembali. Simple. Bukan takat simple, lembab pun iye.


Well, aku cuba tengok perspektif berbeza. Sebenarnya nak kasi alasan biar worth spend tiga belas hinggit. Actually, aku terasa cerita ni berbaur politik pada awalnya. Blogger-politician-citizen. Makin lama aku tengok, makin ternampak jelas yeppp, it's more or less.. political issue.

Itu satu hal.

Satu hal yang lain, aku sedar yang nilai normal manusia amat mudah terjejas bila keadaan mendesak. Salah satu scene yang buat aku telan air liur, wuu macam mana merusuh boleh jadi sesenang dan secepat sekelip mata? Like whoaaa?

Aku yang pernah terperangkap dalam deruan manusia yang tiba-tba membanjiri kawasan beg aku tengah pegang, pun dah cukup lemas terus larikan diri. Inikan pulak rusuhan yang dah sah sah kalau  kau mati siapa nak peduli?

Huh! Sebab tu aku tak suka Jusco buat Happy Hour! Nanti aku lemas tengah jalan. Jantung laju, peluh menitik, kepala berdenyut.  Eh, tetiba.

Dan aku terfikir, berapa ramai pemimpin yang sanggup berkorban macam yang ada dalam cerita ni. Jauh panggang dari api kot. Yang ramai adalah yang bila naik jadi pemimpin, maka parti heyy mari mengumpul harta habis habisan.

Kalau apa yang aku cakap ni salah, maka seharusnya tidak terjadilah rampasan juta jutaan Tunisia, ataupun tidak terjadilah emas kilo kilo-an Libya. Dan, tak adalah baju dinner saja 14 almari, 36 rak, dan 117 stor. Tu baru dinner. Lunch? Breakfast? Supper?

Kalau ada sepuluh waktu makan, sepuluh jenis almari lah kan. Belum masa berpuluh-puluh jenis perayaan. Tak kira lagi yang enterpremmmmmm punya pakaian.

Macam kalau jadi pemimpin maknanya kau kaya. Kan? Nasib tak nampak dosa dosa sendiri atas kepala. Belum masuk dosa rakyat berat bahu pikul, berat lagi otak ketakutan nanti. Kalaulah tuhan bagi nampak satu dosa kau buat, tinggg keluar suara! Sila ambil peringatan, satu dosa telah dibuat, sila top up dengan 2 kali pahala agar nilai timbangan anda mencukupi untuk masuk syurga.

Tak adanya orang nak jadi perdana menteri siap tawar diri oh lantiklah aku aku aku!

Tuhan tak buat macam tu. Sebab tu ada dosa pahala syurga neraka. 
Kalaulah ada sistem macam ni, sumpah tak ada orang nak jadi ketua.

Kejap. Bukan kau nak cerita pasal movie Contagion ke?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 18: I Believe

I believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
I believe there will be always smiley faces over the dark shade of ugly hurt.
I believe sooner or later truth will be revealed.
I believe I'll be somebody someday.
I believe true love is exist, it just the matter of time.
I believe that the people whom I hurt, will understand the reasons I hide.
I believe everybody deserve a second chance.
I believe people will change, they always do.
I believe I 'll be wrong even when I'm right if I keep whispering the way I want it to be.
I believe the wrong that I made during my childhood, will faded in everybody's mind AND STOP ACCUSING ME FOR EVERYTHING THAT RELATED TO ANY OF IT.

I believe... 
I believe... I believe...
I believe... I believe... I believe...

And I believe, everytime I drink a cup of caffeine; my day will turned out as lovely as ever.

"The world is divided into two classes, those who believe the incredible, and those who do the improbable,"

Day 18 - Your beliefs.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 17: One of the Days

My high this past year:
I hold my appointment to the psychiatrist and tried to work it out my ways. It was half worked, and another half, failed. Despite the failure, I learnt. I learnt how to stand up stronger after a few series of falls. I learnt to ease a bit my hatred and anger. I learnt that the superiority will never kill me no matter how deep the cut they made. I could have wept along the way, but I chose to try harder (of course sometimes with tears, it's unavoidable for human). 

What else should I honored to be my highest achievement other than this?

My low this past year:
Fake the feelings, obviously nonsense. Life nowadays has been struggle. Life at this past year was a struggle too. Struggle between finding my own future and pleasing others. Struggle between letting go something I love, and trying to learn new things I certainly dislike. Struggling to love, and to hate at the same time. Struggling is hard, it lower self esteem, it is a conflict. Inner conflict. The conflict that you, again, have to struggle to beat for two answers.

It is either you beat it successfully and win, or... otherwise.

Day 17 - Your highs and lows of this past year.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 16: Halwa Telinga

Kalau kau tanya aku pasal music, aku pun tak tahu nak jawab macam mana sebab tak macam movie, aku ada genre tertentu yang aku pilih. Kalau muzik, itu bergantung pada keadaan. Dan uniknya, perasaan aku boleh berubah sama seiring dengan lagu yang dimainkan dengan mp3/radio.

Dan paling dahsyat, aku boleh recall segala memori best dan tak best just dengar lagu yang ada sangkut paut. Kalau yang kenangan yang tak berapa nak best, aku sangatlah bertendency untuk tutup sekejap so aku tak akan dengar lagu tu.

Kata orang jaga perasaan auwww.

Motif aku tulis ni, aku nak cakap muzik atau melodi atau lullaby atau apa sahaja jenis bunyi yang mengandungi pelbagai jenis complex waves boleh memainkan emosi dan perasaan. Lecturer aku kata, itu disebabkan beat/rentak yang ada pada muzik yang menyebabkan jantung kau akan berdegup seiring dengan beat tersebut.

That's why kalau kau dengar lagu semangat, dengan kau kau rasa nak berperang sama.

Eh apa motif dengan soalan mainstream? 

Haaaa. Kan lagu zaman sekarang ni pelik terutamanya lagu raya. Lagu paling aku tak tahan lagu yang orang bercakap laju ke rap namanya. He.. macam eh? Kau nyanyi ke kau bercakap laju.

Bukan ke kalau nyanyi nada suara kau ada lenggok lenggok? Dah kalau kau bercakap laju oh rap, mana lengggang lenggok mak iloi iloi?


Tak pe, aku suka jugak lagu I'm coming home, I'm coming home, tell the world that I'm coming home.. despite the cakap laju and the rapppszzz.

So, mainstream music is good and yeah I lab it!


Day 16 - Your views on mainstream music.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Patients like me. Patients'parents like me. My working friends like me. The doctor is okay with me. I work hard. I don't ask for extra payment. I work always more than I supposed to. I am happy. Very happy.

But then, past history really haunted me ever since and resulting me to hate myself at this current moment. 


Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 15 - I Said

I like quotes and normally try to search at least one everyday. And I don't have specific quote to be my favourite because it changes according to the situation.

But the one I made myself,  means a lot to me. :)

Day 15 - Your favorite quotes.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Gila malas nak tulis review. Hahahhaha. Hanget hanget tahi ayam sungguh. So aku letak je lah buku buku worth reading atau akan jadi worth reading. Ni ikut kepala otak aku lah kan sebab genre orang lain lain. Huu. Kalau novel, aku rasa worth spend masa baca true story. Aku rasa touching lebey. :P

Currently Done Reading
Aku malas nak buat review kali ni sebab tu lah bertangguh tu tak bagus, bila macam gini malas. Ecehehh.

Ni buku smart ah baca tak sabar nak tahu apa jadi apa jadi. Very twisting plot and phewwww. Kita kalau baca buku, kita akan imagine orang tertentu kan untuk satu satu watak. Aku imagine stau budak ni untuk buku ni dan aku pun pelik kenapa aku boleh fikir itu budak. -.-"

5 starszzz.

Hmmm. Pernah cakap kan dulu aku dah macam tertarik nak tahu pasal kisah kisah war kan? So bila ternampak ni, terus grab. Heee. Mungkin gak sebab ada perkataan quotes as well.

2.5 stars. Sebabnya, kau dahlah cetek pasal war pastu nak jump jump baca hak entah mana mana muncul. So hadam jelah benda tak berapa nak faham.

Yeps. Buku ni terbaik gak buat kau rasa kau nak buat yang terbaik untuk kali terakhir. Apa yang kau akan ubah kalau kau mati hari ni sebab selama hidup kau, tak ubah kau macam orang jahat or nakal. Masa baca ni, ada doubt sikitlah bagus ke tak sebab cerita dalam ni lifestyle omputeh, so macam tak match kalau nak compare dengan kita, muslim punya life. Sebab even dia dah ubah jadi terbaik, still tak baik untuk kita. Tapi, kita ambil konklusi yang baik yang aku tulis pada ayat pertama dan kedua. :)

3.9 stars.

Pertama aku suka apa apa yang mengenai budak. Kedua aku suka true story. So since terjumpa buku ini, aku mula berangan angan nak cukupkan koleksi as buku dia phewww~ Tapi duit aku yang tak berapa nak phew makanya kenalah aku save setiap duit aku ada dan beli sedikit demi sedikit lama lama cukup set. Hahhahaha.

Buku ni memang kesian. Asal tukar satu bab, geram. Satu bab, kesian. Kesian kesian kesian dan yeay! 

4 stars!

Masih buku yang sama dan ada satu bab buat aku seka air mata! Kalau kau baca buku ni, kau akan terfikir ada juga bangsa mak jenis macma gini! Ish! Memang tak logik, tapi itulah yang berlaku. Tagline sesuai untuk buku ni aku rasalah kan, Don't Drink While Parenting. Huuu!

4.5 stars.

Currently Reading.

Buku ni hadiah ayah aku untuk birthday adik aku. Disebabkan aku dah kehausan buku padahal banyak lagi buku dalam rumah ni yang kau nak haus haus tu pehal? makanya aku pun kobek kobek lah tak buku adik aku dan yang ni yang berjaya menarik perhatian.

Sebab masih lagi membaca, aku tak leh komen lago so far. Chill!

Future Reading. 


Sekarang mengumpul sikit sikit duit untuk 3 buku kat bawah dan beberapa lagi yang tak berapa nak kesampaian. Sob sob sob.

In hope of many things to come true. Insyallah!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Favouright [1]

Accept the differences, appreciate yourself. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Day

Found this in my blog gallery and well hmmm..
How is you health buddy? Maybe you can click here and get it answered. After raya, means that a lot of makan makan and you will probably get sick!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

... [26]

 When I work, I work with all my heart even it means bringing work home and unsure future. HE knows. Definitely, HE is.


Kid's favorite spot, tickle her belly with your face!

See her pure and sweet smile! I heart the chuckle!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tak Ada Yang Bagusnya

I watched Behind The Enemy Lines last night and seriously, war is suck! You know why sometimes we will be  a little bit reluctant to help poor country, and visiting developing country? We will be killed like what had happened to Malaysian journalist in Mogadishu, Somalia and developing countries will be prejudice to certain people because of the past histories and yet, accusing for illegal doing or something and WAR!

And all of them have no ethics during war.

Kill innocent civilians.
Tortured the captives.
24-hour battle.

Most important, dirty strategies to win! COWARD!

Islam berperang juga, ada dalam sejarah, tapi masih beretika. Kalau kau baca, baru kau rasa tersentuh hati dan faham dan terima dan yakin dan paling penting, kau akan tahu perang perang zaman hari ni semua jahat semua dosa semua busuk!

War is suck! 

Thank you.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Makeover [1]

Lama sungguh aku hanya singgah untuk berada di rumah, but this time maybe, maybe untuk kekal but, well.. hmm. Let it be. Ada satu kerusi dalam bilik aku ni tua dan uzur bebenor. Lusuh kes tak ada orang dan disebabkan aku rasa ada mood nak elokkan kerusi tu balik, so inilah kerja aku semalam.

Makanya proses memilih fabrik dan corak adalah atas kepala aku. Eh, suka hati akulah kan! Makanya, ada tiga kain aku ambil. Satu cadar tak bergetah.Pantang betul pakai cadar tak ada getah! Susah! Kedua, kain batik yang sungguh licin. Kain batik tak boleh licin hokay, nanti menggelongsor. Ketiga, kain cotton dalam rumah entah mana aku kutip.

Kain batik lemah lembut licin oh!

Cadar tak ada getah huh susah!

Kain kutip entah mana.

 Oh, abaikan kesemua warna yang berwarna hijau. Mata aku ni tak reti nampak warna lain pun cantik sama. 

And, here is the closed up view.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fikirkan Yang Lain

Kadang rasa susah hati,
Orang lain sukar lagi.

Kerapkali tak tertanggung mata,
Bahu menanggung lebih tersiksa.

Demam batuk dan perit kepala,
Teruk lagi yang bersabung nyawa.

Ada hidangan tak terkenan selera,
Mereka menelan sisa yang ada.

Pada susah mereka.
Pada lapar mereka.
Pada sakit mereka.
Pada derita mereka.

Pada segala sukar yang tidak kita rasa.
Marilah berkongsi apa yang ada.

Zakat Fitrah at Masjid Jamek. 
Ramadhan 29, 1432 H.