Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review: Run Mummy Run!

Full Review; Here.

As usual, a picture of this tiny little creature will never fails to stop me even if I'm in rush. I'll just stop and enjoying the pure heart of human. Kids. Babies.

I was having my own time at POPULAR. One of the bookstores, here, not far from my home. With really tight budget, I was like dying to have this book and the other one with the same author. It is not too expensive but being a jobless people like me, I'm in the situation where every penny I have is crucial to know to where it will go.

Well, I put aside my money to buy a new book rack oh no, I do not have any by the way, most of the books, my books were in Kelantan before. So, I was thinking of buying a new one and I did have a look for it.

But, I was too reluctant to go back home without these books. I wanted both but well I just can choose one so I chose this book with the cutest printed girl on it. Oh!

And tengggg!

My money went to a novel. This novel. Hayya. And I'll think another day for the book rack.

But, I guess it is worth it.

So, why don't you give a try?

My heart was pounding every chapter I went through. Pheww. I'm still wondering how come a nice and charming guy can change that fast and became the cruel evil syaitoooonirrajim people. Huuu. You know, I'm quite upset when a marriage didn't go well and the most innocent people that had to pay, were the kids?

They didn't deserve this.
The should've a new fresh start, not to be burden with parents problem or mistakes.
The should be filled with endlessly joy and love and life. The good one.

And, Sarah (the daughter of Aisha in this book), were mature enough to hold her mother's pain despite her age just because his pyscho daddy?

She didn't deserve this. Not the kids in her age. 

It is a loooooot hurt because this story, is a TRUE story. Not the author's imagination. And what was it like if I were Sarah? Or Aisha?

What would I do?


Well, when my friends asked me regarding marriage, I really have this strong belief in mine. I don't need only love in marriage. I do need, but not ONLY love. I think, at this moment, if I have to choose between a man with responsibility and another man with full of loves.

I'll go with the first one.

People change. So does love. It can fade and it can grow. The man with love can lose it; it will dissapear day by day. The love, I believe, has its limit time, it can be bored sometimes. But I'm not saying it is wrong to have this type of man.

However, choosing the responsibility one isn't wrong either. It can also make the love grows even stronger along the way. Along the marriage. We build love. We trying hard for it to happens. And trying is a good thing in life; regardless how the result is. Sometimes the love is on, and sometime its off. But when you have responsibility taking place, you will think wisely. Put everybody's heart into consideration. Rationale. Objective. 


Well; It's better be safe than sorry. Isn't it?

p/s: I'm working on my english anyway. I'll appreciate any mistakes you point out. I know it is a lotttttttt. :)


cj'alhafiz said...

I did manage to read one of Cathy Glass books entitled Cut. It was disturbing but still she had highlighted lots of good values to us readers. As a foster parents Cathy and husband did encountered with lots of troubled children. The fact that her books are written from her real experiences makes the story captivating and give a great impact to reader. Nice review..

INFINITY said...

Yeah! I wish I can read all of her books. And, I guess I love to read the true stories. :)

Thank you for dropping your comment here. :)