Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Stressful and A Light

Recently, aku rasa aku dah start activate plan B. Since asthma makin menjadi-jadi dan migrain aku dah mula datang, aku rasa aku dalam state yang amat tak sihat. And considering body weight aku dalam stage yang merisaukan jugak, aku kena do something.

It is clearly showed aku punya living state.

But how.

Betullah jadi dewasa ni merisaukan. Dengan keadaan Malaysia yang entahlah maam mana, and being someone who is overly uneasy to every negative changes is soooo not helping. All the plans for now seems failing one by one, well insyallah for a better reason, but it is indeed menunjukkan something has to be done.

Even if I have to move from whatever I am doing right now.

The last time I had my migraine I guess when I was in final year.



Can I just get married and jadi surirumah?


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