Monday, August 24, 2015

Asthma Has Attacked Me Hard Last Night

I've been constantly fighting with my asthma attack as long as I can remember. What make it a bad nightmare is that, my asthma hasn't show any evidence that it will go or dissapear any sooner. It has becoming worsening instead.

Last night, I dreamt of me gasping for the air.

In that dream,

I could see my dad woke me up and sent me straight to the emergency department. What make it weird, the report stated that I refused any steroid and nebulizer that resulting me to breath even more difficult. I could hear clearly the wheezing sound but the nurses left me alone there gasping, not helping.

I think I was going to die.

And that feeling, was indescribable.

I screamed for a cure, but no one heard me.


Suddenly I woke up realized I'd been sleeping on a couch last night. And yes, that was the worst asthma attack I had so far. I slowly climbed 2 stairs at a time and breathed until I reached my bedroom.

Luckily my inhaler was exactly where I left it before only the cap missing. Since my niece loves  to pretend that my inhaler is some sort of a gun, so it is everywhere. I have more than 3 inhalers to say the least. I shake the inhaler and I knew I will not last long, it is almost finished.

My inhaler never finished only expired.
This time it is different.

It is different.

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