Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Move on.
I did.

Have faith.
I'm starting to.

Keep praying.
I'll do it.

Don't stop.
I'm trying harder.

Stop crying.
I'm smiling now.

Be patient.
I chose I'm not going to give up.


Despite of having those who did not appreciate the way I am.
I have, in fact, those who are willingly to help.

I know life will never be easy. It is.
Basically, it is. That's why we call it as LIFE.
But, to stop trying?
It is a big NO.
It is a forever never.

And even if I keep on failing.
Keep on falling.

I'll stand stand still.
Stand stronger.
And have faith.

I'm a muslim,
I believe in Allah.
And HE really loves those who have hope, who never stop asking, who believe.

And HE will send you,
An enormous fortune.



aimi said...

Dream gives hope. and hope makes you believe. and believe makes you stronger.

INFINITY said...

And it comes with prayer. :)