Thursday, September 29, 2011


This handsome doctor asked me. Well, he is a doctor, but not my doctor. He is err.. more or less my colleague. Whatever.

"How's your convo?"
"It just a convo,"

He looked at me. Right into my eyes and widen his eyes.

"It just a convo. Seriously. It just me on the stage receiving transcribe, or certificate, or whatever,"
"Awak ni. It is once in a lifetime tau,"
"Well, if it stops here then yes. What if I pursue my study? It's no longer once, kan doktor?"

I went back to my clinic and everybody started to ask my convo thing. Like, whoaaa how fast the words spread! Because there were very few people knew that I was on leave to Penang, so it irritated a bit.. for me. Daddy will nag on me if he hears or knows this. Hmm... daddy always mention I'm.. sort of.. hmm.. forget it.

Well. Because he is handsome,and he did open house for Syawal when I was in Penang so it doubles the losing thing. Huh, I lose my chance to meet his handsome son, (if any) because of convo lah kan? Sebab bapak dia handsome, sah sahlah kalau dia ada anak, anak dia handsome kan? Genetically inherited. Ke macam mana? Hahhahaha. 

No. No. No.
That's not the point.

"Nak sambung bila?"
"I don't know lah doktor. Nampaknya, semuanya belum mengikut plan. But well, I'll tell you,"
"Awak jangan sorok sorok pulak. Hint hintlah sikit,"
"Hhahahaha. Tak de kerja saya nak sorok. But don't worry lah doctor. I will tell you, definitely I will. You will be my first person. But.. no, second,"
"First gonna be my parents, then you,"

I laughed and I hear he's laughing too when I went off. 
What a day.

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