Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear Diary: Wish

Dear Diary,

Today is a beautiful day. At least up to the moment I am writing now. Well, there are 7 quotes that I put in front of my room's door, and one of that really inspired me to stay strong; I don't own all the problems and what others think is none of my business.

Which work, sometimes.

My clinic (if my rezeki is not here than it will be not mine) has a very nice view. Very nice. It's facing the KLCC twin tower, with the clear blue sky and flying birds sometimes that make it more cheerful.

I love to stare in the emptiness of the blue color. It exactly looks like a plain blue canvas, I wish I can show you but I won't. Sometime, my finger dancing with one of my eyes closed to get the exact point,  pretending I'm touching the top of the KLCC building.

It is childish, I know, but it works too sometimes.

And then I try to imagine, what will it looks like at the night, The pitch black night. Will the stars be visibly clear and the sky will be amazingly beautiful with it shines? I don't know but I believe, at night, looking out from my clinic's transparent window, it will be incredibly wonderful.

How I wish I can stay sometimes but well No! I won't. I am afraid of hospital and no, I wont because it's enough to spend the whole day. Isn't? What a lifeless day if 24/7 be in the hospital?

So, I will pretending at the other place then.

Till meet the next pen. So bye-bye for now.


:.Yus.: said...

At night the scene is very beatiful masyaAllah.with shining stars plus wonderfull scenary from KLCC and all buildings surrounding

talking from my experience staying in PCMC.bila malam mata asyik pandang luar je.langsir mmg tak ttp lgsg.bila mata takleh pejam itu la jadi tempat merenung.

subhanaAllah agung sungguh ciptaan Allah

bila blh jmp huda lg?ujung bulan ni akak ada app lg tk PCMC.klu2 blh jmp :)

INFINITY said...

Insyallah kak! Let meet again! Miss to chat with ya! :)

It is very nice, and I'll easily cry because of the scenery!