Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mohon Kuat Tabah

I slept around 1030 pm last night with unexplained sleepiness. I climbed up the ladder and put my head down on the pillow and seeking the proper and the most comfortable angle to sleep.

I didn't know at what time I woke up but the only thing I could remember were, my stomach wasn't good and that lamps were killing me. In other words, it's triggering my migraine. Oh! Whenever I wanted to be in the real black room, and I couldn't, I'll hide my face under the blanket and start crying. What a kid.

I woke up with the nausea, so quickly I ran down (still with hundred percent careful because of my unstable right knee) and stuck in the toilet doing nothing! So, I went back to sleep and ran to toilet and vomited and slept and toilet and vomited. And worst, I was a bit shocked when I woke up for the last time, I was IN THE TOILET!

Poor me.

After praying Subuh, I slept until 3 pm! 

I'm sad for that to happen. I'm sad because I've to forget my plan to study at library. I'm sad because it suppose not to happen during this study week. But, everything happens, it all has reasons.

I still remember during my second year, I almost need to be warded while I had a 3 unit paper tomorrow. I still remember during my third year, I suffered from food poisoning for a week and my study week for final exam burned just like that.

And now, with Yu Yee smelling all around my body (I always and like to use this ointment and my clinician once asked; Who's smelling is this? Like a baby!), with thick socks cover up my feet, with sweater for extra heat, with Cool Fever patched on my forehead, I begging for all the readers (if any) to pray for my health. :'( 

No mom and dad to help me here. No one will cook a bowl of porridge and makes Milo or Ribena for me.  No one will sleep with me and make sure I'm OK the whole night like at home; I'll sleep in between my mom and dad. I need to be strong here neither I can nor I can't. I have to!

Pray for me.

p/s: Sakit semua kena buat sendiri kat sini, sebab tu di rumah juga menang untuk dicintai!