Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm Fine

Final year tahun satu. Fuhhh! Mana nak dapat sekarang study dekat makmal?

I'm fine with my outfit now. I'm fine with my t shirt, and jeans and always black hijab and simple sandal. I'm fine with my always green, or with my always same t shirt, or with my always naked face skin; without sun block or whitening cream or whatever. Yup, I'm fine with all I wear and I don't mind.

I'm fine even when my two sisters really care their ironed baju kurung, their matched color of hijab, their make up, their high heels, their handbags bla bla bla. I'm fine with again t shirt and jeans while celebrating Hari Raya. I'm really okay with that.

I always back home with my only red backpack. And I'm always being nagged because of my last minutes of packing stuffs. I just feel that clothes are still clothes, and whatever I grab at my last minutes are just fine. I'm fine to go anywhere with my only cloth and if I'm given to choose any cloth I could, still I'll always choose the same color, or the same patterns, or the same brands. That's just me.

I'm just a girl with simple appearance and simple needs. And if it doesn't, I'm not going to changer far beyond I could imagine. If it does, I'll always make sure nobody has to bear with me. 

Simple math.



This evening, my physiotherapist was 'soooooo nice'!

"Eh, kau betulkanlah tudung kau tu dulu. Serabai selekeh aku tengok!"

Eiiiiiiiii. Memang rasa nak cepuk sebab tak pernah pernah ada orang tegur apatah lagi lelaki tentang apa saja aku! Ciss. Tapi, macam biasa kepala batu punya orang haruslah aku tak nak kalah.

"I'm simple and I'm not feminine. Thank you,"

Terus blah!

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