Saturday, June 9, 2012



It means to do the same work at the same time every now and then. Routine. Neither autistic nor asperger, it just again, routine. Well, I don't like routine cuz my life would be meaningless. But there are certain things that need to be routine, as for example, solah. And writing a blog, this blog has been one of  my routine activities, therefore I tried to stop for a while. I'm still alive alhamdulillah and yet, nothing missing. I'm still here, but the only different is, I hate it when I stop.

My life has been so routine. 

The moment I reach the main entrance of my working hospital, I will check my watch. If it is less than 7.30am, turn to the left to my office, if it is more than 7.30, turn to the right. But if it is nearly 7.30, I'll stop for 3 seconds to decide; to the left or to the right.


Then, either to the left or to the right, I'll walk and humming my favorite song at that moment. Like a seasonal songs playing by entertainment radio station, and as for me, for now the song is 'Terukir Di Bintang', and before, 'Number One For Me'.


As I walk, I'll smile to every person I meet along the way. Remembering the saying, smiling is infectious, I do it and I already see the outcome, it is good. It is super duper infectious.

Routing. Routine. Wrong spelling also one of my routine mistakes.

Then, take a lift (it is escalator or elevator? Too lazy to check), while waiting for the lift to open, I will pretend that I have a super power that I can open a door without touching it. Tingggggg! The door open, despite it is already reaching the 1st floor which means it doesn't actually open by my power, I enjoy it! Sometime I 'll giggle to myself for being stupid enough for the day, that day, and sometimes other people will smile at me while I'm still in a shock stage knowing there are other people that early, riding (?) my routine elevator. 



Kekadang aku terifkir, ada ke tempat kerja yang set the brain to be super duper routine. Maksudnya, kau masuk je pintu tempat kau kerja, kau kena scan otak.

"Please put your chin properly,"
"Your brain is being scanned,"
"Scanned. Your health is fit to work today"

3 seconds.

"Dear Miss Syahidatul Huda (bukan nama sebenar), you're in a working state now. Have a nice day,"

Pupils elevated. The brain is tuned to what it supposed to do; working. I move in a programmed walking pace, not too fast or too slow, one by one. When I talk, it will be in a programmed rhythm and dialogue, of course the proper one therefore no mistakes will occur.

When it reaches 5pm, the machine will say, "You're off to go, have a nice rest and see you tomorrow,"

Well, routine.