Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Breath in.. and out!

Smiling Is Infectious 
Author Unknown 

Smiling is infectious, 
you catch it like the flu, 
When someone smiled at me today, 
I started smiling too.

I passed around the corner 
and someone saw my grin. 
When he smiled I realized 
I'd passed it on to him. 

 I thought about that smile,
then I realized its worth. 
A single smile, just like mine 
could travel round the earth. 

 So, if you feel a smile begin, 
don't leave it undetected. 
Let's start an epidemic quick, 
and get the world infected!


I made a mistake. A mistake. A mistake. 
It affected me the whole day. The whole day. The whole day. 
I've tried to forget, and I failed and I stressed. 
I put all the effort so I wont waste, the time precious time, that I had. 

Please make it be 'past tense' in the shortime, please, Ooo Allah.

 Da di du dada di duu.

Yesterday was bad (I would use present continuous tense if 'yesterday' could go with it, only if). I thought it was so ridiculous to make mistake, this mistake. Mind is so complicated, so hard to forget, to make it easy, to let it be.

Human make mistakes, don't they?

You are human, I am human, we're human; we do mistakes so we learn. It's very rare to learn without making mistake, we still can but learning through mistakes make us better, it sealed still so we won't forget, (or else, stupidity takes place for repeating it twice), and.. learning through experience is like you draw without an eraser.

Argh! Only if my mind has a button function to reset, if not 'delete'.

Is it good to forget? 
I think face it make sense (but it is hard).


Anakin said...

One interesting fact linked to smiling is that it can boost one’s immune system. I’ve been trying to make my cat smile but its proving to be difficult. Maybe they smile from their heart. Ever see a twinkle in a cats eyes?

On mistake, my sensei used to say anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. I tend to agree with this view. I’ve made mistakes too but I hope I can learn from them and perhaps be given a second chance. To err, is human. To forgive, divine.

INFINITY said...

I'm allergic to cat so I can't answer that one...

Ahaaa.. another hidden message eh, buddy? :P

Anakin said...

No, no hidden message there. Just plain me :-)

How about fish then? They say it is always therapeutic to look at an aquarium.

INFINITY said...

Watching babies is more than enough for me. :)