Sunday, April 29, 2012


Kelajuan dan pecutan, satu prinsip fizik. Bukan satu, dua. Dua prinsip, laju dan pecut. Setiap pecutan akan menyebabkan semakin bertambah kelajuan.

Cuma, kena pastikan pecutan negatif atau positif. Kedepan atau kebelakang. 

Pecutan. Kelajuan. Speed and Velocity.

Ingat, kelajuan membunuh!



Anakin said...

Depends on how you want to define and apply the concept.

Take inertia for example. While the mainstream review has it as a resistance of physical entity towards any change of stasis or motion, one can always define it by adding maybe a sudden stop, when actually resistance has always been there. Hence there is no sudden.

And to partly quote Godfrey Reggio:

"The greatest tragedy is inertia—the velocity most of us are on. It takes courage to move ourselves off of that line of inertia. This is something for each person, to act outside of necessity, outside of destiny—to act in that dark mucky world of risk, defiance, rebellion..."

But then one should also quote Rainer Maria Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet. But I need to sleep now.

Can I live a long life? One full of adrenaline, on the fast lane, yet not dying? How I envy cats with 9 lives =)

INFINITY said...

Well, I used to think how wonderful my life is if I have at least 2 lives when I was child. But for now, having one is enough.. so I know how to appreciate life, my life, better.

Well, inertia, speed, velocity, resistance are different things that can't work on its own. The combination of them will then puffttt, make a difference!