Thursday, February 16, 2012


"Huda, can you come to my room kejap?

Dup dap dup dap.


Slowly following the footsteps.

"This is handsome medical student. Dia buat attachment dekat ENT. Now, for today, he will be with you. I want him to observe hearing assessments for pediatric. Tomorrow I'll ask him and if he can't answer, then jaga you,"


"Now, you'll be following her okay?"


"Come to my room, I'll show you then,"

Out of sudden, aku rindu USM. Kalau budak medik datang, mana ada sorang sorang ni; segerombolan terus. Sekarang, jumpa sorang (once in a while), happy. Rasa zaman belajar balik sekejap. Sekejap pun jadilah. Sehari pun tak apa.

"Awak boleh cakap melayu kan?"
"Saya terang dalam bahasa melayu eh? Saya bukan fasih sangat pun,"

Ingat pesan Dr. R; Rendah diri, sabar, buat kerja semua kerana Allah.

"Okay, saya rasa saya dah terang semua. Ada soalan?"
"Erm, bunyi dia macam mana doktor,"
"Saya bukan doktorlah, saya audiologis,"


"Okay, awak jadi patient saya. Saya akan buat semua test, so awak boleh alami dan mudah faham, senang ingat. Nanti next time, atau kalau Dr. tanya, awak boleh jawab,"

I did all the tests. I answered all the questions. I explained all the reasons, and suddenly my heart cried; I want to be a lecturer and yet... I'm still here.


:.Yus.: said...

Allah knows the best for you.believe in yourself.i know you can do it.

insyaAllah doa selalu.akak doa moga adik akak ni dipermudahkan dan dibukakan jalan dalam segala hal insyaAllah

salam jumaat Huda :)

INFINITY said...

Kak Yus: Thanks Kak Yus. Thanks for being so understanding! Amin. Doakan Huda. :)

Anakin said...

I was reading your post when this particular remark caught my attention:

"Saya bukan doktorlah, saya audiologis,"

One question if i may. Is Ms Tara also an audiologist? Thanks. :)

INFINITY said...

Anyway Anakin, which Ms. Tara do you mean here? If you mean Natrah (my colleague), she's not an audiologist, she is speech therapist.

Normally, we work together. I mean, speech and audio.:D

Anakin said...

Thanks for the prompt answer. But then I'm a bit more confused now. Are the two not the same person? So there's two persons here? How do you differentiate the two? Thanks again :)

INFINITY said...

Audiologist: The professional who diagnose people with hearing and balance impairment.

Speech therapist: Professional who diagnose people with speech and swallowing problem.

Example: When there's a child have hearing impairment. Audiologist will diagnose and provide hearing amplification. We will refer this kid to speech therapist to manage this child's speech and language development.

We don't want to let this kid to be deaf and mute people. Am I answering your question right?

Anakin said...

You're the audiologist.

Since you only gave description of two professionals, that leaves out just one more person - our subject matter.

So yes, you have indeed answered my question. In fact I was about to ask what does a speech therapist do.

p/s: Now we wouldn't want that kid to wander in a wrong direction would we? I would like to think with that explanation the kid is indeed proceeding in the right direction - albeit small, small steps forward he's a step closer.

INFINITY said...

Sure. Speech and audio two different profession and the kids will never go in different direction. If they're about to, we will explain. They will be two more professions involve ENT Dr. and sometimes occupational therapist :)

Anyway Anakin, may I know who you are? The 'Anakin' sounds familiar to me. Kita satu universitikah dulu? :)

Anakin said...

I'm just a nobody. No, not in similar university.

Anyway, how about telling a story about your speech therapist colleague? It might be interesting you know. In fact, it could even be an excellent bedtime story...

INFINITY said...

Anybody is actually somebody you know. The 'Anakin', I think one of my friend use that as her nickname. :)

HAHAHA. Then I need to ask my SLP friend to start blogging. :D

Anakin said...

Yes, please do.

INFINITY said...


Anakin said...

Any development?

INFINITY said...

Apakah? Heee.