Tuesday, December 6, 2011

No Tittle


I stared to my (not my anyway) keyboard hardly thinking, assuming, learning and danggg.. you see the 'x' sign, in red colour, kat atas sekali belah kanan tu?


I talk too much but never be heard and never want one,  and still I manage to have my litle smile on my lips around my face. Life. I forced myself not to think much and reading a lot of books instead. Yeap. I read like crazy. I feel safe with  a book and slowly drive me into another world.

I managed to read two novels, 400 pages each. One, on the way to Kelantan and another one for returning. And who life-less-full people read one novel a day? Not to mention hundreds ringgit went unnecessary (maybe necessary but this one, addicted?). I thought I will stop writing as I'm afraid that people will think me as the same. I mean, me, the one in the internet-life, and me, the one with the real-life.

Despite it somehow connected, it will never ever be the same.

I make a certain boundary. Definite. Real life, writing life, social life, FB-Twitter-whatsnot life, is never the same.

Don't judge.

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