Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Happiest Moment

Phewww. Anyway, this is my first time writing a post for a contest. Yeap. It's a contest. Those who know me will know that I don't really bother with any online contests because well, I write to express not to impress. But then, why this contest really grab my attention?

Here we go!

Oh I can explain bla bla bla regarding the story why-I-don't-bother thing, but can we just skip to the real part? The happiest moment? We call it happy because happy story shouldn't be buried without sharing, should it?


When I was little, the last thing I would do was eating. I guess all moms in the world face the same problem here, persuade their sweethearts to have all the nutrients so the will grow up. They will anyway, but will they grow up healthily? Hmmm..! So what will they do (including my mommy)?


I like to read, to write, to doubt not to mention I am enthusiast with everything. They call it curiosity, for me, it just the brain neurons try to make more connection actually do the talking. Whatever it is, mommy made one rule here, one question, one mouthful, one answer until I ate everything or I just pretend I had no more questions to avoid the yucky vegetables. 

Everything has changed now. Nobody force me to eat. The rule has disappeared now and no longer applied. I have fingertip-library, endless sources of answers, internet. Whatever questions I raise now, sometimes, mommy has no idea how to answer. Sometimes, I don't even like to ask because I think there is no point of asking. 

(Silently cry)
My bad.

Out of sudden, I hope I can travel back to this moment where this picture was captured. I want to hug her and let her know how much this memory has touched me. Because to hug her now, at this age, is very not me.

When I see this picture, when I see my oily cheeks, when I see my little hands were holding a piece of paper, I know I was mommy's sweetheart who never stop asking. Mommy is just my mommy, who will never stop answering...

So, what yours?
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