Wednesday, August 10, 2011


My mom and I make a wow, oh no, kind of promise that this Ramadhan we will never go to bazar. (Anyway, since I grow up I don't really believe in Bazar Ramadhan but being far from family, I have to). My mom is a teacher and unluckily she works the second session; in the evening thus creating a little hard situation here, to prepare the menu for breaking our fast.

And I am with my really big unlucky problem because I never can break my fast without at least a sweet kuih especially the one that made traditionally.

So how to keep the promise?

And now here is the solution. Ahaa. The good one. I'll ask my mom whatever shes's going to make for our foods. She will tell me what kind of fish, vegetables, different type of onions and other stuffs to be prepared! Oh no there's a lot of fish with different names and worst, I can't even differentiate them when my dad cut into slices and properly placed in the freezer!

Well, at least I'm getting better everyday, you know, practice makes better and now the Ramadhan already reached the tenth. So. I pratice for ten days already. Yeay for me!

Eleven a.m onward, I turn my online radio (that's bad) and searching recipes for my own-made-kueh wohoo! The only website I like is because when one person make a recipe and posted their successful desert or whatever, another person tried that, they'll post theirs too and all the nice comments will be there. 

Yeay! You know, the more good comments posted means that you can believe the recipes and yeay again because mine turned out nicely everytime!


Every problem comes with solution. Just you need to find it!

p/s: I know this problem is close to nothing but who cares? This is my problem, big problem, if I can't break fast without kuih! :'D

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