Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Making of I Hope Handsome Guys Don't Like It!

I swear the last kuih I'll make for the rest of my life is KARIPAP! And I hope all the handsome guys especially my future husband hates karipap. Well, not because of the taste, but because of the process like super duper difficult if need to compare to all the kuihs I've made.

First, you have to make the filling. You have to have the filling of course or else you should not call it as karipap. Karipap has filling okay, stop Huda! I don't have the problem to make the filling and yeay, it turned out nicely even at first I wondered why the potato cubes were still crunchy, and kept on adding cup after cup more water. Eh, you eat them to try?

Poor me, I make everything half but miscalculated the amount of water! Sheit! Luckily, it was still okay!

Despite too many times I read the instruction, I still caught confuse and read and read and read and decided whatever it is, now it will be my way! 

Ahaa, again, I make it perfect! The dough was good, nice, and smell very yummy. The smell of the perfect dough everrrrrr.

And the worst part forever is this. 

Guna botol air je baiii~

Tempat uli aku tak jumpa. I forced myself to look whatever thing that flat and cylinder. And, I found this and HAHAHAHA. And first trial was mak aihhhh karipap ke plastesin?

Buruk gila sob sob sob seka air mata buat kuih hodoh.

Sebab acuan karipap hilang and aku rasa nak mengamuk cari tak jumpa so aku perasan yang huh, tangan aku sungguh bagus untuk menganyam mengelim.

So.. errr... first trial I was hoping straightawy all the handsome guys must hate karipap because it's ugly. Hahhaha. And my future husband too must hate karipap because that's the last kuih I want to do in my life!


See. It's ugly ugly ugly! I hate! Hahhahaha. So think fast! Hmm, sebab nak jugak biar sama size and nak canteeeekkkkk and kemas and look presentable, so inilah solusinya!

Mangkuk for the same size karipap.

And cut it for the perfect end!

Unluckily my karipap still ugly. Tsk tsk tsk. Tak puas hati. Bersugguh-sungguh buat. You know that I learn fast? Yeap, I catch up fast except for map reading and numbers. Huuuu.

And, yeay! I kelim karipap beautifully then!


Okay. Ignore the different sizes. It is really time consuming to use the mangkuk and cut and stuff. I need to catch up with the masa berbuka. Hahahhahah.

Betty and the Beast! Hehhee.

Don't doubt about the taste. As I said, it is excellent and deliciousssss. Mommy and daddy like it and I make extra frozen curry puff!

At least.
At least.
At least.

Daddy's karipap was UGLIER despite his comments and complaints to me.



hanisah said...

Haha..dengan ini diisytiharkan Kak Hud lulus utk kawen! Yeay. :P
Comel je karipap tu...jgn give up lg..kan baru 1st time buat.. pasni pas 2,3 kali, mesti perfect punya lah.. :)

INFINITY said...

Yeay! Now, give me my husband! Toksei dah hambe, lama ohhh nak buat karipapppp~

chanz said...

apa pulak ugly. ok je. aku pernah buat, jadi "lebih baik sedikit" je dari yg ayah ko punye. hua333

p/s: karipap karipap cinta?

INFINITY said...

Ugly wehh, pada mata aku memang ugly dan sumpah susah nak buattttt!

Ayah aku kau dengar komen dia kat aku, kau geram. Last last aku cakap "Cuba ayah buat,"

Keluar macam tu. Hahahhaa.

Karipap cinta? Apakah? Hahhaha.

aLieF si Muncung ManiS said...

aku harap isteri aku nanti pandai masak karipap...nak sgt..sbb aku peminat number satu karipap!!! hehe

chanz said...

karipap karipap cinta. ada trailer filem tu ari tu aku tengok wayang. haha

INFINITY said...

Alief: Hahhahaha. Now it's either you start hate karipap or you're not handsome anymore. Hahhahaha.

Hakim: Oh eh? AKu tak tengok TV/wayang pun skang. Tskkk~