Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Will

"Huda, you kena sambung master. At least master kalau you nak pergi jauh,"

Pandang dalam dalam mata doktor kacak. Syukur kerana masih berjumpa ENTist sebaik dan seconcern dan sentiasa memberi dorongan macam Prof. Din dan Dr. Rosdan. Sangat refuse untuk move on yet, even few offers terbuka luas. Oh, remind you this... the 'kacak' thing doesn't mean I am easily attracted to nice looking guys (sometimes yes anyhow :P) but this 'kacak' is different. 

Not all the guys meet the requirement of my kacak-ness despite the looking. No no no. My lecturers are all kacak, especially my Dr. N and my speech lecturer Mr. K (soon-to-be Dr! Sangat inspired dengan dia hokayy!). The kacak-ness is applied to those kind-and-nice-and-easy-to-help-hearted people. Peace. :) 

"I will and I want to. Doktor doakan saya eh? I have a plan, dan saya masih menunggu,"

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