Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Am So Damned!

I hate high heel, they forbid flat shoe.
I hate elite style, they encourage stylish.

I prefer malay, they use a lot English.
I'm okay sharing, they're always choosing.

I dislike formality,
They strongly choose amenities.

I'm fine with the same chair,
Standing with different height; is what they care.

I'm happy and freely helping,
But stuck with every penny that they're counting.

I always make the needful faster,
But guilty skipping the step procedure.

I care the fast, hidden needs,
It means longer time for it to be fixed.

Care, smile, and be kind.
Oh, that's what stated for the tagline!

I like and love everything here,
But there's something make it can't cure.

I am newbie and I am me.
Give me time to absorb slowly.

I am me and I am newbie,
Please don't frown upon me.

I hope for longer lasting.
But I just guess I'm leaving...


hanisah said...

Love this. :)

INFINITY said...

Oh yea? It is true story sob sob sob!