Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 14 - Your earliest memory

Bad dream bad dream go away,
Good dream good dream here to stay.

It was during my 4 years of life.

I remember nothing for my earliest memory but bad dream and have been haunted ever since. I remember the dream clearly; the train with the high speed, the dark misty late evening, and a dead wood-stump in the middle of  the lake.

The rails were broken and I witnessed the scene where  the train just waiting to be plunged into. I couldn't speak, couldn't shout, just silent. And, whammpppppp!

I stared at a victim; a boy that was hanging on the wood-stump and struggled to safe himself.

I just stood still, stared and silent. And, I was scared and I cried. Mommy woke me up because I cried badly during sleeping.

I still remember the smell of the lake and that stump. I still can hear the noisy sounds came from the high speed old train. And, that dream had background music too which was horror!

I've been keeping this bad dream for 20 years but I revealed it three times; I told my lecturer and classmates during our Psychology class,  I wrote not in detail at my previous blog and here. I speak out when I'm afraid, but keep silent when it hurts. :)

So, this dream is scary and at the same time, it is hurting. I am afraid that I will caught dreaming about it again and I don't want it to happen! I already have multiple type of repeating bad dreams and adding a new one (actually the oldest and scariest one), is not a good idea.

Yes. Multiple repeated bad dreams until now. NOW.

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