Sunday, July 17, 2011


I watched Stanza Cinta with my daddy and mommy, nobody else here except these three. Oh. And we all watched TV while I was being forced to finish my plain water, my medications and bla bla bla. Oh, I came back with thousand of new drugsssss as the next illnesses after the previous one are my tonsils being infected, harsh voice, nearly fever, coughing yellowish sputum; sign of infection.

Just perfect!

That's not what I wanna tell.

We watched the series and one of the dialogues were;

"Kalau kita berkahwin dengan isteri solehah samalah macam kita dah lengkap separuh agama,"
"Betul ke ustaz?"

I was like eh? And straightaway look at my dad.

"Ye ke ayah?"

My dad said YES.

"Sebab, isteri solehah ni memudahkan suami untuk membuat ibadah. Redha akan suaminya, membantu bahkan memudahkan dalam segala urusan,"

p/s: Dan dan tu niat nak belajar jadi isteri solehah. Teheeee. 

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