Friday, July 1, 2011

Allah Knows

"Can you speak?"
"I can speak both languages, but, ermm.. my Malay is a lot better, it's my first language, but yes, I can speak,"
"Tell me about you,"

I just coming back from Kelantan, and from Pantai Hospital for audiologist position. Allah knows how I really want to pursue my study rather than start working. Allah knows how determined I am. Allah knows I'd rather be a kindergarten teacher then working on this position right now. Allah knows better.

Allah knows.

"If we're going to hire you, you will start working on eleventh of July. Is that okay?"
"It is. I need a week to let Prof. Din knows I'm leaving. I'm going to be a kindergarten teacher by the way,"
"It's not a normal kindergarten, it's special one made for normal kids around two to four years. Prof Din's idea after the successful DKECEK. Urmm..  DKECEK, it's for the deaf kids. And this one, for the normal children,"
"Oh?! Wow. Do you own a car? Are you familiar with KL? Because you need to work with both hospital, Pantai Ampang and Pantai Cheras,"

I'm sad but I'm happy. I'm sad because I'll still be jobless and its how I suppose to react, right? Sad. Being sad. Not up to crying level but I should be... sad.

I'm so happy too because I just have one concrete reason to not accept the offer nicely. I have enough time to be what I love to be and I can start hoping for my dream, harder. Oh Allah, to You and only You, I rely on...

"I don't have any car yet. I'm sorry. If this is going to be one of the position's requirement, I have to say I'm sorry. I can not make it," 

Allah knows.
Allah knows better.
Allah knows BEST!

Just don't stop praying and have faith!

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