Saturday, July 23, 2011

... [21]

Fifteen cents or two cents will be too much to keep in touch with friends because I have very lazy fingers to type word by word so I'd rather call those lovely people. Hahahhaha. Even so, I don't like to keep hanging on with my phone because for me, my phone is not more than to entertain myself with the games inside. 

That's why ten ringgit  for me will last what, for a month and half. Nobody will keep the credit that long. Sometimes, I read the messages and reply later which most of the time, I forgot. Sometimes, I heard the ringing but the phone is upstairs so I'll take a look the next hour. And the worst case, I'll look at it a day after!

My point is, lately I'm so annoying with this one number. I hate the fact when I put my effort to run whenever my phone was ringing because I thought maybe one of the hospitals might have a position for me, but I run for a ridiculous message asking me what I'm doing, am I working that clearly, bullshit!

I'm not that people who really being touched with all those nice-sweet questions like when, what, how I eat! I'm easily annoyed and get annoyed and I don't do strangers! I'm mad and I'm mad the fact that I mad with strangers like oh please! Don't you have a life to live on?

I'm mad and I have to burst out because I'm mad and I hate to live with this madness!

I have no idea why this guy keep on text-ing me since last month even after I told him that I've been married and have two sons!


So please, bug off and get a life-lah!

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