Monday, June 20, 2011


Why eh orang kita semua fikir course ni tak ada kerja, course itu tak ada kerja. Tak boleh ke stop for a while and thinking for better future. They deserve to do whatever they wanna do. Okay, let say it is true, just... could you please do not force?

Kita terlalu takut, tersangat takut untuk risiko.

I went to my sis first day at her Institut Perguruan. She loves teaching. Good for her. But, I just couldn't bear with certain people kept on telling their children that this is the best way. Being a teacher. Get accepted. Allowance is sure. And you'll never be jobless.

At certain point, it is.

But, I do not see it the way they see it. I see it otherwise. If I want to be an artist, what's wrong with that? If I want to be a novelist, what's wrong with that? If I want to be a kindergarten teacher, what's wrong with that? 

It's happiness that all matters at the end of the day.

My parents always remind me to have better skills in speaking that they think it decreases day by day. Well, they said so and keep on repeating it until I'm sick of it. They're right. Maybe I shut my mouth too much here. I just smile, I don't speak more than it supposed to. I mean, I just answer the questions being asked, and asking few questions in return to be nice.

Not more, not less. Why? It is I'm mostly disagree the belief that they're holding! Therefore, before I speak out, letting them know what my stand is and worsening the situation, so it's better for me to just keep silent, right?

In this life, we assume too much. Very much. My dear lecturer once told me that I made assumptions too much during my pediatric clinical viva. I assume that the patient can't hear. I assume the patient having these and those kind of results. He might be right. He might be wrong as well. But, he is my lecturer, forever will so I take it as it is. I'm respectful student unless you want to think otherwise, then it will be otherwise.

It just I saw that patient multiple times and coincidentally (luckily) this patient be my patient during clinical viva.

I didn't assume I just supposed shouldn't memorize those kind of his results that day. That's it.

I do make assumptions too. I make assumptions so I can work efficiently. Should I mention that most of the time my assumption are true? But, when it turned all wrong, I do feel bad but I worked for it. I learnt. That's why it is good to take it into account. That's why we call it plan A, plan B, or just-in-case.

Well, assumptions are not all wrong, but do not allow it to dictate our life. We have HIM, who already have the best plan for us, and we just have to ask for it.

We call it, DU'A.


Mohd fadzli Tuah 313 said...


Betul. Tapi ini merupakan strategi to survive. Ibu bapa mahukan yg terbaik buat anak depa.

Tapi, kalau lah ibu bapa mereka ini jenis yang berada, ada harta, ada tanah , biarkan anak depa pilih kos yg dia suka, sebab ibu bapa mungkin ada back up kerja. Tujuan membiarkan anak memilih tu bukan suka-suka, tetapi mahu lihat anak2 tu mampu survive atau tidak atau berputus asa sebelum pergi perang!!

Pandangan aku lah!huhuh

INFINITY said...

Disitu pentingnya nasihat, pandangan. Bukannya paksaan.

Macamlah juga kena paksa jadi doktor sebab result cantik?