Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The ambitious Dr Normani. I adore him!

My best lecturer, doctor, supervisor, PA (Penasihat Akademik),  naqeeb; Prof. Dinsuhaimi. :)

The guys at the back; the most memorable one. :')

This was the last day; the presentation day, the proper day we gathered in the class. Dr. Zu and PM Dr. Rosdan weren't here. Dr. Zu had a work and PM Dr. Rosdan was on his sabbatical leave. I was a little bit sad as these two lecturers also my pemberi-semangat lecturer.

Time flies fast, but this moment... remains.


hanisah said...

Dr. Normani ajar speechie gak ke?
asek dgr tara n cken sebut2.
ari ni baru tau dr.normani laki sbenarnya.. ><
ke ade dr.normani lain? haha

INFINITY said...

Yep. Audio and speech kan sekali. Sebab tu dipanggil SPEEDIO. Lec pun share. :D