Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Will You Help Her?

Izza, my coursemate is now developing new method of Kendell Toy Test using Malay language. Oh,  Izza, I'm sorry if I spell it wrong. This test simply explained like this; the kid will be given 4 sets of toys, and each set contains of 10 nearly the same phonological sounds. As for example /kapak/, /katak/, /kapal/ and /buku/, /bulu/ and etcetera. So overall, there are 40 toys to complete the task.

Oh again Izza, am I explaining it right? Well, it's like that more or less.

The examiner will condition the patient first by showing it all the 10 toys from the first set. She will say it at the normal conversation level or a bit louder all the toys' names; one toy at each time and ask the children to point it where is the toy. 

If the children understands the task, Izza will slow down her voice; if I'm not mistaken it is around 45dBHL. And all the pointed toys will be recorded in a special form to get the norms among all children before this test can be declared valid.

Oh, before that, to confirm that the children is having normal hearing, they will undergo specific tests such as otoscopic examination; to evaluate the ear canal as well as the eardrum, the tympanometry; to confirm the middle ear status (the condition of its cavity, the ossicles movement as well as the eustachean tube). And last, the play audiometry and/or DPOAE to record the child's hearing.

It's a bit tricky anyway to deal with the pediatric case, as for this the pediatric subject. I helped Izza for two times, and at first, the kid cried all the time thus the tests discontinued. And second, Azzah's sister; Yaya was crying at the first session.

Yaya two years back! So cute!

See her face! Hahahhaa,

One thing when you run the test here, in Kelantan is the dialect barrier and I couldn't help myself laughing all the way long. It's funny anyway.

Here is one of the situations. Izza was putting down the /cili/ and asked Yaya.

"Apa ni?"

Errrr. She supposed to say it /cili/ but kelantanese call it /lado/.

"Ini cili,"

She frowned. We laughed and I know Izza stuck. I don't lie to kid. And, I'll never do. No matter how silly their questions are, I'll not lie.

"Kak Huda orang Kuala Lumpur. Kak Huda panggil lado, cili. Yaya duduk Kelate, jadi yaya panggil cili, lado. Okay, tunjuk Kak Huda, mana cili?"

Yesss! She pointed it right!

Well, this test is in progress and Izza still need more kids around 3 to 4 year old before this test can be used all around Malaysia. I bet you, this test really help kids who need help. But, it only can be used if Izza has enough kids.

So, whoever read my post and staying in Kelantan preferably Kubang Kerian or Kota Bharu, or nearer, do help her.  Those who has children, sister, cousin around the age mentioned above, are really welcome to join and help.

Well it's not dangerous at all. You can know your child's hearing status with no charge. It's a win-win situation, isn't?

Thanks for reading!

p/s: I can be contacted at We need your help.

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