Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mungkin Dia Permata?

I had this one my dearly friend. I realized that there was one day, I really wanted him to be a part of me. Therefore, I kept waking up in the middle of the night praying to the almighty Allah... I asked,

Please make him closer to me.
Please make him my one and always.
Please make him the only him.
Please make him to take care of me.
Please make him to love my kids.
Please make him stay still beside me.
Please make him my partner,
When we'll getting older.

Later on, I realized. I wanted him because of something. I wanted him for granted. I wanted him for what he had. That's my big mistakes, choosing wrong person and wrongly to be chosen.

But Allah gives something else in my dream, to smile...

Allah has taught me something. Never repeat whatever I already did. Sometimes, we do learn faster when things happen to us, don't we?  

I knew, sooner or later the one that will be mostly hurt, will be me. So, I leave it to HIM, because HE is the best planner. The best guardian and guidance.

It's a big decision for me, but worth to be taken. So, I took it and what's left is happiness.

p/s: And I realized this very important thing. When what you did were all wrong, the only people will never leave you are... your parents.


hanisah said...

sedeynya.. mwuu..
tp nisah leh relate what u feel ngan diri sendiri.
sbb nisah kinda selfish, nak macam2.
i have to let him go, so that he can grow.kot. it is just so wrong for me to hold him back, as much as i'd want to. T_T

chaiy0k kak hud!

p.s. if two people are meant to be, doesn't mean they have to be together now. ;)

INFINITY said...

I'm selfish too. Not for this thing, but for everything. Yeah, let it go.. This feeling now, never been better.

But, remind you.. it takes time. :')