Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 6: 30 Yang Anda Perlu Tahu

Bagi precise sikit, 30 interesting facts about yourself. Haih. Interesting tu memang tak adalah. Manusia biasa, tipikal. Tapi, tak pe. Meh nak korek korek diari hati mana tahu ada satu dua yang interesting , cari lagi, cari lagi bagi cukup 30. 

1. I'm right handed. But, I can write both hands. No. No. I'm not ambidextrous. It isn't equally well, tapi kalau ditakdirkan patah tangan kanan dah tu kena jawab exam, yeah I can write with my left.

2. I can sing, without people need to cup their hands on both ears.

3. I need a long time to study math, but amazingly short on arts.

4. I bad with numbers and lines, but I'm better with colours and blending it.

5. Don't ask me to cook, otherwise you can see all the ingredient in the perfect other, lined, before it turns to something that you can eat.

6. I like to use scissor than nail-clipper to make my nails short. I want it to be well done in inverted U-shape.

7. I love to smile, because my dad once said I'm ugly without it.

8. Some love cats, others love to cook, dress, or bake. No words can explain how much I love babies, toddlers and kids. I can spend the whole day playing, entertaining, singing, dancing. God knows how amazing they are.

9. I rarely like text-ing messages. I prefer call.

10. It takes more than two weeks sometimes, and a month when its holiday to reload a RM 10 new credit.

11. Phone for me; games> mp3> camera> call> sms. I know, I know how weird when games can defeat the calls. It's just, for me, like cinema without movies, it's lame, huh?

12. I can write nice khat (arabic calligraphy), but I stopped when my teacher (he is my senior and I admired him so much) passed away due to bone cancer. He can't survive even after replacing his affected bone with the new stainless still bone. I don't what exactly medical term calls it.

13. I always want to be the person that never be forgotten. That's how I teach myself to be different.

14. If in front of me are delicious fried noodle and ice cream, I always want both. But, if I need to choose, I take ice cream.

15. I chew ice cream instead of licking it.

16. I hate waiting and being waited. Therefore, I always late. HAHAHHA.

17. Cry baby with unbreakable heart. Or, at least easily healed heart.

18. Sigh. I fall in love as easy as first sight. My bad. Syaitan sungguh.

19. I'm ESFJ.

20. I'm addicted to coffee (other way not using caffeine as a word) and I can tell you how different the taste among brands.

21. I can read people face. That's good huh to have that ability when you are clinician? Okay okay. Soon-to-be clinician.

22. Oh, my face is readable.

23. I always want to be a novelist. The islamic and inspirational one. But, when it comes to chapter 10, I get bored. Ergh!

24. Don't tell me to do same thing, repeatedly. I hate it.

25. If I need to draw portrait or cartoon, I'm better on human's face. I guess so.

26. I'm bad with more than two instructions. I'm stuck to receive the third while remembering the first two. If you have to, give me the lists of it. I'm fine with that.

27. I wonder how people can read a book full of writings; novel?

28. I walk very fast when I'm alone. And very slow when I'm on mp3.

29. I like beach but I'm afraid of wild waves.

30. Hey. I'm done! And it's rare.


Day 06 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

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