Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 2: 10 Years Ahead?

What will happens to me the next 10 year?

If I live longer. If life runs smoothly. If Allah allows me to still breathing up to the next ten years. Here are my dreams. Dreams that I wish it can be accomplished.

I'm Alhamdulillah 23 by now, so soon it'll be 33. What a number. Of course I hope by my 33rd, I'll have my own kids, 2 perhaps? Hee. The kids that will always have bedtime story. The kids that will always have good night kiss. The kids that will always have my infinity loves. If he is boy, he's Umar. If  she's girl, definitely, Hannah.

Hahahhaa. Beraaaaangan.

Well. 10 years ahead, am I an audiologist? For now, I leave it to Allah; the ONE to decide. If it yes, then that is the right one for me. But, if it doesn't, still that's the best for me.

I hope I own a place that I would really like to call it; home. Even it is a simple one, that's fine. You know the  safest place is your home? The home you can comfortably rest, sleep, cook, do whatever you want. I know it seems doesn't suits well for nowadays (as crimes can happen in your home), but you can't prevent thing which is beyond your control, can you?

Above all have been mentioned above, I want to visit Mekah, doing umrah with my loved ones. :)

The lists keep growing.

Day 02 - Where you’d like to be in 10 years.


Fatin Sakura said...

bravo with your sweet dreams my dear, can i cilok sket ...hehe..

good luck

may Allah bless you! ^_^

INFINITY said...

Cilok sume pun tak pe. Heee.
Thanks. Pray for me. :D