Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Why am I too descriptive?

That's too bad. How I'm suppose to do to change the ESFJ thing into other thing, or work out to be at least one third different with the contents? The bla bla bla in that?

I'm bad. Real bad. Need a week to forget something. Need a week to ease feelings. Need a week to wash away memory than others (normal people) can do. It should be as short as a blink of an eye for the small problems but I always take everything, BIG. I need people to say something good so I can feel better. That's stupid for certain people and I feel the stupidity for being such that too. But, I just can't prevent that. That's the way everything does.

I wish that... I don't know its good to wish or not. So let it be.

p/s: My grammar may wrong here and there. But, for the sake of thesis I have to practice my bad writings. Well, no more class for this language since second year, so...

p/s/s: Nana, this is what we call friend, right?

p/s/s/s: It's good to express feelings by writing, huh?

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