Friday, July 2, 2010

Where's the Safe Place?

I do dream of walking lonely on a straight path with unknown ending. It was the darkest and coldest windy night with thousand stars that gave the night; no longer darkest. In my dream, even I walked all by myself, there's only the peace that I've ever wanted to feel. No afraid. No anger. No sad. No happiness. No. Nothing. It was neutral.

I closed my eyes and breath in the fresh air. Smell the fragrant odor of night; awesome!
Daddy, he told me about thousands unwanted babies were born. It was the statistical record that CAN be recorded. Well, I do believe it is uncounted anyway. That statistic; it doesn't include the murdered baby that knew by no one. 

Everyone now has no guarantee of being safe. Anybody can get anger and the worst, that anger anybody has tendency to kill. Killing now is such an ordinary reflex of anger! It just like you slap the wall or punch the table because of your uncontrolled emotions.  

Nowadays, all the kind people are scared to advise the rude kids or bad teenagers or wrong doing human. They will be doing all the evils; far beyond your imaginations!


I opened up back my eyes. It's now; I'm afraid of walking lonely even in a dream. That silent path no longer can be the nicest place to neutralize mixed feelings. It wasn't because of me, or scary situations. No. I don't afraid of ghosts. I'm scare of HUMAN. 

I keep on asking myself; Where's the safe place?

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