Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Day

This is the very first entry for the second session of handling blogspot. Yup. This is the second time. I used blogspot as the first medium of blogging but then after some errors (because of my 'tangan gatal' for sure), it turned up to be so bad so I just took the simplest way, change it!

It's either blogspot but different address (means that I need to recreate a new one), or use wordpress instead. After visiting few of my friend's blogs, wordpress looks cool! So, I decided to use that. I can't deny that several widgets in there are not cool and very limited but wordpress is easier to handle after all. Friendly to conduct as that time I was the amateur blogger and yes already dissapointed with blogspot. Hahahahhaa.

No. I didn't mean that now I'm so expert in fixing all the HTML codes. It still out of control somehow.

I was thinking to start drawing and upload it for fun. There you go! That's the reason why I'm not going to upload it to my current blog. It's so difficult to upload multiple pictures in one session, it can't be enlarged and not cool at all as it always make it uglier than it should when done post it. Well, before this, I always upload my pictures in blogspot and copy paste the codes to wordpress. Two works for one purpose, picturessssss!

That's why my DiariSenja in wordpress contains very little pictures and more words. So DiariSenja for blogspot will be the other way around. Okay?

Hello blogspot! Here I come! Back! Stay loyal perhaps! Hahahahahhaa. I need a day to fix it everything so I hope there's no alien fly in back!

Stay tuned!

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