Sunday, December 14, 2014


"If that measurement is so important, then why don't we create one?"

"Like what?"

"Like you make something automatic. Put the probe, measure the baseline, test started, boooommmm measurement done,"

Then I feel scared.
I always imagine things.
Since child—

People always laughing over my imagination.
People tend to shake their head to disagree.
People that simply didn't trust me.

So I felt uneasy revealing my imagination.

"Well, I imagine a lot. Forget about it,"

I tried to dismiss the conversation, knowing that it will go nowhere, creating all the memories that hurt—

That somehow will repeat again.

"Hey, never say never,"

I laughed.

"I will forward you feedback!"

And I stopped laughing,
Frowning upon every line he replied, and I read again and again. 

He must be joking, I guess.

It did wake me up.

Until when?

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