Monday, October 29, 2012

The Fear

Please tell me that it is common.
There's something wrong in myself when I put my foot on a paddle, my hand at steering or handbrake, that I can't explain. I think it just the fear, but, well it turned out to be panick attack. Anxiety. Less relaxed. As I read along all the info, it can be mild, less severe but, but, as it affects my life.. it does make the diagnosis different.
Among all the things that can make me scared like hell, this is the worst and unexplainable. This is almost untreatable for me. I just don't know why. And considering psychatric treatment probably the best option.

 Maybe. I think driving is the method of dying. Maybe. The thought of unable to control the car and hit another engine creatures in front, beside, or/and at my back is one of the never-end-reasons. No. It is the reason why.
Tell me that I'm not alone.
And don't laugh at me.

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