Monday, October 1, 2012


Hello there!
Well, It has been few weeks that I stop writing. There're a lot of reasons apart from being lazy. Hahhaha. No. I lied. Actually I just have one reason which is to stop the readers from reading my post. My intention is, when they come to my blog, realize that no new posts and over time they will simply stop. I feel something bad when I went to seminars, they recognize me and can say loud my name; Huda Mustaffar. It's good, it's nice but it just doesn't sound right to my ear.
Like you have a lot readers eh buddy?
Hahahha. A Lot of adjustment in my life nowadays and who cares? I resigned my previous job and join goverment. I get a new family members now, Hannah who like to cry in the middle of the night. Like an owl, she sleeps during the day and very active when everybody start to sleep.
And...... I have my new braces, AGAIN. The whole painful procedure, AGAIN. The weirdo metal in my mouth, AGAIN!
I'll tell you later, okay?
Till then, bye peeps.

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