Saturday, June 23, 2012


To be you, yourself is the hardest yet possible thing. To please people?  
I am an ESFJ thank you.

"We hold your resign letter first. Go take your leave, think properly,"
"I've applied three days, would you approve?"
"Go ahead,"

So, Kelantan it was where my heart and life belongs.

"What do you want in your life, Huda?"

Without second thought, without hesitation I answered; being a lecturer has been my dream since day 1 I learn that someday I must be working. But most of the time, life doesn't work the way we want it to be therefore, there will always be plan A, B, C to Z (if it requires that long-lah). For me, probably it doesn't work well.

One good thing (together with thousand more), I have my lifelong teacher. The teachers that I can ask almost anything, everything. The teachers that can accept me being so childish when I easily let my tears drop down. The teachers that support me when I actually has my own stand but need somebody to tell, just go on which I will not do when people say, it is up to you, it's your life after all.

I am an ESFJ for goodness sake.

"Am I bad, Dr?"
"No. Sometimes we need to be selfish,"
"Can I just come back here when I need your advice?"
"My door is always open, don't worry,"

When my bestfriend's name was announced with a title Dr. in front, I feel like Allah has answered my prayer since day one I left USM. Tahniah Dr. Hadiah! And there is one person I admire the way he thinks, tahniah too!

It's worth now!


patrick star said...

In my short travels, I have met with two superiors with the infinite wisdom to say that there is no right or wrong way to pursue things. It’s just that with each course a new path opens up.

Further to this, maybe you can refer to Anakin’s comment here.

Hope it helps. Good luck.

INFINITY said...

Thanks Patrick aka Anakin.

Anakin said...

This Patrick you mention - he's sweet isn't he?

patrick star said...

Hopefully like James Bond. I'll die another day.


patrick star said...

Just kidding

INFINITY said...

Psycho. -.-"

Anakin said...

T is for time, that is spent thinking and wondering

T is for tomorrow, that still hangs in the balance

T is for thousand, the years it took

T is for twilight, the dusk before a new dawn

T is the alphabet, for the one you miss


Mr. Smith said...

Is that something like Campbell's alphabet soup?

Tobin Frost said...

You guys are funny =)