Sunday, May 13, 2012

What To Say Eh?

"Hmmm... Why do you think hearing is important?"

"As said by Helen Keller, when you lost your sight, you lost interaction with things. But when it's hearing, you lost interaction with human. To live this life fullest, we need each other. But, I'd rather not losing any of them, sir,"

"Why did you choose to come for this interview when you already working at the nice place now?"

"Life is the matter of choices. Life is the matter of choosing which one suits you best, sir,"

"Working at the government sector is easy, you clock in 8 you go back home at 5, everyday,"

"Well, if you ask me, it depends on how you think it and I think differently. There're a lot of patients queuing and it is up to you on how to manage it. There is no easy way to be easy regardless where you work. It just you yourself, to challenge you yourself, and to make every single day better for you yourself. I'd rather take it that way, to challenge myself, to be better,"

"Okay, thanks Ms. Huda for coming today,"

"Thanks again for giving me this opportunity, sir,"

"Are you married?"

"Nope. Not yet. Someday, maybe,"

"Well, it's easy to place you then, maybe you can find you Mr. Right there,"

"Insyallah. Hahahahaha,"

Hhahahaha. Make it that hospital then. :P