Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oh Please...!

Sure I really want to do this. Well, I made a status at my Facebook that later, a good friend of mine pointed out that it wasn't nice. Really it wasn't. I even reconsider before I posted it, I changed the spell therefore I would feel less guilty. Maybe.


Here are the reasons why I was/still am angry for those with stupid attitude during driving. Yes. Possibly us. Me. Maybe. But till this far, I've never drive since my last small accident 6 years back if I remember correctly.

Every day, I go to work with my daddy. The earlier working days, daddy asked me if I wanted to go with car since I am working with the high class hospital. But goodness knows how bad the traffic is, so being stuck in it is the last dream ever in my life. So, motorcycle then.

Well you'll feel the same too and who doesn't? It's ridiculous huh, when walking is faster than driving!

First and foremost, oh please, please, please watch your distance! Those who know me know that I am not that big-in-size girl, yet not that small. And now, please imagine how close the distance was when my knee can touch the car's door! How stupid the driver was?! Watch your distance! I know the traffic was sooooo freaking bad close to not even moving at all, but that doesn't mean touching my knee wasn't wrong!

What if suddenly you move and I fall?

Second, is it too difficult to give signal when you want to change lane? Do yo know how dangerous it is to change lane so sudden? Do you know how many times I've witnessed the badly injured motorcyclist let alone the dead bodies due to your laziness just to dance you finger up and down to that signal button?!

Please! Please do let us know. Don't jeopardize others life please. :'(

There are a lot more I want to write, but I am still shocked... watching the news.. the football player died suddenly, atas padang, heart attack.

Pesanan besar: Hidup, sekejap kan?


Nadiah said...

I always ended up assuming people have to pay more if they want their cars to have signal.

*pujuk hati dan antara kaedah supaya Nadiah-sila-berhenti-potpetpotpet-masa-drive*

Anakin said...

Now that is another side of Huda that we rarely see. She’s indignant to society’s cavalier take on life and how little they value it. Well, if you stand by the window of a tall building and look downwards at the traffic perhaps during lunch-time, then one would notice what she just described. I think nowadays people are just too immersed in their surroundings to only notice how precious life can be when its a little too late.

If a poor soul happened to ask you for the direction to the nearest hospital, how would you respond?

p.s. He has a list based on his location and some familiar buildings but its not a complete list. Shall we help this poor fella? ;-)

INFINITY said...

Nad: Satu lagi, orang yang tak reti cek lampu brek. Baiii... lampu brek kena menyala masa berhenti. Hadeiiii. -.-"

Anakin: Well, saying about "stand by the window of a tall building and look downwards at the traffic perhaps during lunch-time, then one would notice what she just described,"

You describe it perfectly... that's what I always do during my lunch time or before going back; my pantry face the main road and it's good to have time to think.. the thing to think doesn't matter, as long as it's something to think.. to occupy my brain. Perhaps.

Your english Anakin, phewww~ Superb! Might be my teacher as well, would you? :)

Anyway, the 'p.s' thing, I just wondering; which fella do you mean here. Heeee~

If me, I'm She. Kekkekeke.

Anakin said...

Just a quick one. How can I schedule an appointment with a speech pathologist? When would there be an available slot?

INFINITY said...

Depends on which hospital you wanna go. Any specific hospital in mind?

INFINITY said...

Anyway Anakin, pertaining to work (or in your case for information regarding hearing and perhaps for speech just bear in mind I'm not speechie), you can call me at this number.


Don't worry, I would love to help. :)

Anakin said...

Lets make it simple. Since you work in a hospital, I would assume that you know best the place you work in. So that answers the "which".

Now the "what". A speech specialist. I was also hoping that you might be able to kindly refer me to a speech specialist, one that you might know.

For one with a humane heart, I never doubted that you would help. Yet, it might not be a wise thing to put up your number in an open public domain.


INFINITY said...

Oh Anakin, don't worry. That's my 'public phone'. :)

I was inspired by my all dedicated lecturers, they did that for helping. As for me, if I don't feel to answer it so I won't.


And one thing, I am not a public figure to worry for prank calls or calls from hmmmm.. secret admire? Heeee~

Doctors have different specialties, same goes to speech therapists. So, my another question would be... what type of case, or put it in this way.. what is the problem?

Speech delay? Difficult to swallow? Stroke? Hearing impaired?

Now, which hospital would you prefer.. government or private?

I think we should start it from this questions. If it is too public to answer.. here's my email :)