Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Masa aku belajar, beria aku nak ambil PTPTN sebab memang sorrylah nak kerja government. Angkuh. Sekali tuhan balas dapat sakit itu ini, tengok sendiri susah payah orang susah, sama berair mata bila patient menangis... hati terus, I meant for this job and I meant to be in the goverment sector; to serve the nation. Ecececeh.

Despite my good pointer, I was not really interested to apply for scholarship as.. well, I think government might take few months maybe a year therefore it would be better I get a job first then at that time which I think will be the right time; I will come back to government. Easy. Anyway, my life principle is this... stand on your own feet as long as possible.

From month to months and to year, still no news from government and waiting for a little longer would not help.  So I make my mind, enough is enough, it was the time already to make a move. I apply job a lot, really a lot until when I get calls, I was like.. hmm.. which hospital is this?

I gave up several hospitals including the nearest country which I could make money for goodness know how much. There was one hospital I cried for not being success to be selected, but now I thanked for that to happen. The others, I couldn't even care less. Well, life works in a mysterious way, kan?

It was difficult for my very first permanent job. A lot of tears to begin with and a lot more to come (oh please just don't). But thinking of my life journey that never be easy since day one I breath, so I choose to move on and face it!

Now, I would say; Alhamdulillah. I made it till this far.

And out of sudden, I received an email from government; you were chosen to be interviewed this coming bla bla bla. Ni buat aku dilema dengan kata-kata Masuk government banyak kemudahan, bayak faedah, banyak itu ini. Kalau perempuan, better masuk government, ada masa untuk family. Macam sama maksud, hidup later on tak mencabar kan? Urgh! Hidup terjamin, ada pencen.

Tarik nafas.

Then aku fikir and aku jawab; kalau macam tu, better Huda kerja swasta, husband kerja government. Seimbang dan stabil. Ololololo. Sweet je bunyi. HAHAHA.

Buatnya aku tercampak Sabah Sarawak, tak ada sedara mara? Oh...~ Dah lah muka ni jenis keluar masuk hospital. Aduai.

Come on, why now?

After I gave up on you, why now?

After too long time wasted, why now?

After I am starting to happy and settle in, why now?

You get the interview and not going; blacklisted.
You go for interview and selected and not going; blacklisted. -.-"

Since I pray hard for my 'jodoh', it is easy to calm myself.. maybe, just maybe... there're someone somewhere waiting?

Hek hek hek. Macam pepatah Dil To Pagal hai; "Someone, somewhere is made for you,"

Mudah gile kan nak pujuk hati aku?


Pesan Kecik: Anyhow, baru interview baiii.. dapat tidak, belum tentu lagi. Gelabah je lebih kau ni, Huda. :P

Pesanan Besar: He knows BEST! Jelaskan matlamat, ikhlaskan hati, Du'a... Tawakkal. Life never been easy anyway, but worth it!


Anakin said...

So how is the decision-making going? Stay with current environment or embark on a new journey? Still in a dilemma? I think you've pretty much made up your mind. So do update the millions of your readers here on your next sojourn. Hee~~

p.s. Seek the Oracle for guidance.

INFINITY said...

Don't know yet. :)