Tuesday, January 31, 2012


To get used, to understand, to keep on track, to be patient, to laugh, to be yourself and to train yourself, to... get used.

It's a cycle. Continuously.  Life too, it is a cycle. That's why it has been called a cycle since day one I breath. Cycle has no end, perhaps it does have but attach to each other's end and make the end invisible.

I have no friend here, no no, I have. It just different from friends that I used to have. My friends normally share longer time than I have here. The friends that sometime share the same clothes, sleep on the same bed, cry on each other's shoulder, and laugh for goodness know how sincere it sounds.

It faded away.

Everyday I pray, Oo Allah give me husband (that's sound weird but to call it as 'jodoh' in my dua'a it doesn't sound weird anyway). A man whom can I call friend (permanent maybe? I'll be sharing 24-hour friend will I?), can chat and complain and laugh and cry... together.

Exactly like I did with all my bestfriends.


The past tense that sound even weirder now.


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