Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How Confident Has Changed My Life

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When I was five nobody used training wheels to ride bicycle anymore.
But I did, so everybody's laughing.
Who cares?

When I was seven, I sat silent even I was in emergency to go to the toilet.
I was afraid the teacher might scold me so I cried.
Who cares?

When I was nine, my class teacher put me in between of two Indian boys.
I've never talk since then.
Who cares?

When I was ten I never wanted to show off my arts, drawings, writings, my talents.
It was so ugly.
Who cares?

When I was thirteen I was afraid of being far away.
I might have no friends.
Who cares?

When I was fifteen I gave up hoping to be selected into my dream school.
They said it was for the best, and I wasn't.
Who cares?

When I was seventeen I really wanted to be better in english.
So I wont sound stupid.
Who cares?

When I was eighteen I chose to be lone ranger .
Because a stupid guy made a bet on me.
Who cares?

When I was twenty second I thought my world would end.
The imbalance had killed my energy.
Who cares?

Now I am twenty four,
Still being nobody.
Who cares?


Confident cares!

It helped you!
It has been helping you ever since.

You could ride your bicycle without training wheels despite the scratches,
It was confident.

You spoke out for permission never mind the tears,
It was confident.

You started to talk, and making friends with those two Indians boys.
It was confident.

You worked hard, your drawings got everyone's attention.
It was confident.

You managed to do the laundries, to iron your clothes, to stand up yourself.
It was confident.

You didn't give up hoping, so you get selected to you number 1 boarding school.
It was confident.

Asking tourists if they needed help, they didn't laugh because of your broken english and you're practicing more and more.
It was confident.

The stupid guy came and asking for your forgiveness because of his silliness and was grateful you didn't take revenge.
It was confident.

You prayed and rehab and  kept your spirit high that you'll manage to go through the illnesses.
It was confident.

Even being nobody at your 24th, you still working hard now.
It is confident.

I've been through all the upside down in my life but never stop trying,
I don't know what the future holds but  I wont stop hoping,
I will keep the way I am, the who I am...

... because I'm confident enough every cloud has a silver lining.

Thanks to the simple yet meaningful word
"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent," 
~Eleanor Roosevelt

That's how it changed my life.
And worth the battles.

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