Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'm completely strange to whoever including myself. And, I'm sick. I do hope it will last very soon, not now, not yet but sooner.

The first strange thing had happened. I brought back to Kelantan 3 copies or perhaps more of my passport photos and I was specifically put those pictures into one of my backpack pockets. I was certainly sure where I put it and accidentally I lost them all. I felt like shittin' all day long but I did realize it wont help the situation any better. So I went to KB, to my always-kedai-gambar, I'm very particular for most certain things and places so 16 new photos in my hand! DONE!

Well, you know the strange feeling does happen? I really had this strange feeling that I will lose again these 16 photos? Whenever I took a look at those pictures, I kept on telling myself to place it properly (though I already put it in a specific file).

And guess what? As expected, I LOST THEM AGAIN!

I'm thinking back to head to Kelantan to my-always-kedai-gambar! Don't ask why I'm not going to just do it here because I have no better answer. I'm just me, particular to something nonsense.


And the strange feeling number two. I was warded to a temporary ward at the A&E department. I did tell at my previous post regarding the haunted bed and ward and etc. I went back to Selangor the next day because I couldn't do anything but sleeping all the time let alone the throwing-away-whatever-left-in-my-stomach.

During the whole night at the temporary ward, I feel like freaking ghost was watching me! I was scared and I couldn't ever bear with the feelings so I text-ed my friends to please come in and ease my feeling. Luckily I had Aimi and Fifah beside me. They came in and I hold their hands like I wont leave it forever because I was freaking out!

I vomitted a lot even the doctor already pushed the stop-the-vomit-drug through my IV line. And everytime I suddenly woke up, I will cry like hell because I was scared of nothing and they will persuade me to close my eyes and sleep again.

I did until the next woke up and vomit and cry!

When I back home, the scary feeling of ghost does not fade away! I slept with my parents for more than three nights because I can feel the strange feeling is haunted me. My dad brought me to see this one ustaz and he helped me cope with the feeling.

He said, hospital area is normally not that safe with the makhluk halus. He works at one of the government hospitals and said that the nurses frequently complaints of the you-know-what things.

So, he said to me that I'm lemah semangat. He advised me to keep on reciting Al fatihah, Ayatul Qursi, three Quls and Surah Seribu Dinar sebagai pendinding diri everyday, every morning. Maybe, I visited the hospital frequently, I walked alone to the library for four years normally alone, and lemah semangat, the chance to be recognized by these creatures were high.

There are people not really believe this such thing but as a Muslim, jin syaitan do share this world with us. The only thing that make it different is we can't see them unless they want to do so. And the ustaz also said that, every human that born in this world, they were born together with qorin. But when the human died, the qarin does not. That can be one of the reasons why.


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