Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day and All About It

I faced a lot of hard moments right now. Right after not accepting the offer from Pantai, they called me back instead and promised me a suitable schedule so I can work. At first I refused, then I thought this is the best given by HIM so I decided after counting in several opinions from my close people, I accepted the offer.

Well, life works in a mysterious way. Pantai called me yesterday and being sorry for not able again to follow the schedule they told me. I was kinda okay at first, but since my parents were really happy and excited, my heart accidentally crying.

As for me, my feeling is the second. First is always them. And for them, its vise versa. I guess it is the normal feeling for children-parents thing.

Working in this kindergarten is a different challenging thing. Here, we have Sudanese, Yemenis, Nigerian, and Malaysian of course. The kids roughly two to three years old but mostly, three. All of them, the foreigner, they speak their own country language so make me a little difficult to guide and ask.

How I'm suppose to say when the breakfast and lunch is ready? How I'm suppose to ask about the poo-poo thing? (wahahahah I can't barely eat my lunch, duhh!). And, how I'm suppose to persuade them to lie down and sleep at noon?

I don't know their languages so I use English instead.

It will be tiring and exhausted day. And as the past first week, I know that raising a child is never easy, but it is interesting tough. I took only one day to memorize all of their names. I'm proud of myself because it is like forever for me to remember names. I am incredibly happy now as I know the characteristics each of them.

The time for the bed'noon' story, I need to lie beside Z and singing zikrullah while my hand non stop patting her thigh. As for H, he needs me to put his both legs on my lap when I'm sitting and I'll start my special made lullaby for him. N and Aq, they sleep easily, and will be the first to sleep and the last to wake up. The difficult to sleep I and A, I just need to give them their happy bottle and play with their hair, they'll sleep straightaway.

See. I learn a lot of things from these kids but I'm to lazy to write it here for now. It is not really interesting for certain people, but for kids-lover like me, it is everything!

Today is weekend, and I miss them already. But I have to say that most of the days, I really count the hours to reach 5 pm because all I can think at that moment is my bed and sleeping!

I bet you, you'll be just like me! HAHAAHAHHAA.

Life has been tougher lately. And still, I'm not giving up of hopes.


hanisah said...

Mcm best je keja kat kindergarten.
Tp i know it's not easy.
Chaiyok2 kak hud!
Kak hud sgt kuat, i know. :)
nak pinjam sikit ketabahan kak hud. hehe

INFINITY said...

Best tapi penat gila! Thanks Nisah, semua benda ni masih misteri but I'm hoping for the best happy ending. How's yours?

hanisah said...

haha..bermasalah jgk..HAHAHA.
sbb my supervisor x bg tajuk yg btol2 lg, so xleh wat proposal. i need to submit the proposal utk apply fellowship tu. so mungkin nk pegi jmpe dia nnti.
doakan nisah jgk tau.
marilah bertabah bersama2. :)

INFINITY said...

Ni yang UPM ke yang USM?