Saturday, June 18, 2011


I watched Mission Imposibble III last night on TV3. Roughly, the story was about the betrayal of your boss. He supported the crime while at the same time he was responsible and on a mission to catch them. (Catch? Hahhahaha)

However, It's a film, just a film that directed to do so.

But, today.

Seorang pegawai kanan polis dan lima anggota berpangkat rendah yang lain terlibat dalam kes pengedaran dadah di Malaysia.

That's not a film. It has no director. It's real.

Now, who else can be trusted?


Fatin Sakura said...

trust our heart...that's shows true face!

hanisah said...

smalam tgk gak mission impossible tu.
haha..excited gila tgk.:P

INFINITY said...

Fatin and Nisa: :)