Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Huk Alos

I dream I am cool everyday.
I dream of being yak-a-aw super duper extra happy everyday.
I dream of smilin' lotsalot everyday (its a way I create to say ton of numbers. You can read it as 'latsalot' whatever).


Oh. Still. I'm stuck here. I begged to daddy I wanna go home for a while, so I'm thinking of heading to Selangor this Thursday as I have an invitation to Better Speech and Hearing Week (I supposed I recall it right) at Hospital Serdang, and accompany my sister to her new enrolment at UiTM. Finally, one of my siblings get away from this health field. Thank god.

But I wanna my husband from health field for sure. Eheks.

Oh I'm sorry for my bad English and grammar and comprehension and punctuation. I'm so eager to write new story in english. So-in-the-moooooood. Ohoo.  Okay, fine! I admit it; this is thesis-writing syndrome. I wish I'm married with an english teacher now or at least fluent-english-tongue. So I can have a helping hand that can check on my grammar or better; write it for me! Hehehhehe!

Well, past few days (still today and tomorrow and until I'm properly finish my thesis) are the gloomy days. Everything seems went so wrong until I have no idea what is actually going on? I'm nauseous everyday and I'm fully sure I'm damn in stress!

I have trouble finishing my meal. Shuitt!
I have severe head throbbing. Double shuittt!
And I can feel my spectacles doesn't longer help much. Triple Shuitt!

Come on, everybody knows that I hate to take drugs. I have bestfriend from medical side, and guess what.. despite she came out with all the whatever-textbooks-say, still I won't hear. Bet you, Hadiah (my super duper best friend right now) already at the point where she will advise when I ask her to. Or else, she'll say... "Kan Hadiah dah kata,"

She is now in her ORL/ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) posting, and she explained why do I have panda-eyes, and nose-salute ke menatang apa entah, its because I'm so refuse to take my nasal spray and xyzal. Ahaaa. Out of sudden, I'm so compliance with this medications.

Huh. Perempuan dan nak menjadi cantik sihat sungguh sinonim!

Okay. Gud bye. 

p/s: Before I mengarut too much.


Doctor on Duty- Siti Soleha said...

nak husband camne??ahaks!!
A ke R ke? haha

INFINITY said...

Hahahha. Tak ada dalam senarai dah. Wakakakkaka.