Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's March Already

Hey hey hey Nadiah, bila mahu ada new entry? I nak tiru the dear March thing. Thank you.


Dear March,
Oh, it's March already? Oh!

Dear March,
I'm going to be 24th in your month. What did I do in this 24 years I have, I don't know. Some good some bad. Some sweet, some bitter. Some energetic, some tired. Some cries. Some smiles.

Dear March,
Having you in this life, make me ponder. Should I happy, because I'm going 24? Or should I sad, because I'm already reaching 24? I don't know.

Dear March,
I hope, this March goes smoothly. I hope my thesis goes well. I hope my health, becomes better. I hope, I'm going to gasp for the air less frequent. I hope, I can run faster, jump higher. I hope, and always going to hope. Because having hope makes my life meaningful. Well, without hope our life becomes meaning less and less. Don't you realize that?

Dear March,
When my parents in their 24th, they already have my sister. And I? I do wanna baby or perhaps babies. I love kids. But truth to be told, holding a baby in my arm is not going to be any easier when the baby is mine. I mean mine, MINE. The responsibilities that I'm holding right now, sometimes unbearable. Therefore, hoping for a new one is a big NO.

But Allah has planned something better beyond my imagination. Hey, HE is the best planner, isn't him? So, I wanna baby in my hand. Eh? :P

Dear March,
I'm stone headed, but soft hearted. I'm rock girl, but cry baby. I'm easily give up but hardly lose! So, please bear with me and please let April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January and February know that I hope all of them also to be kind with me until I meet another March. Insyallah. Insyallah. Insyallah if I'm still alive.

Dear March,
I will always write to you, or to myself so I'll always remember things I should or shouldn't do. And it's enough for now.

Dear March,
Thank you for coming again. Your visit make me realize that I'm now a year older, and near to death. Your visit remind me to be more mature, patient, helpful, kind, loving, caring and lot more all the positive attitudes!

Dear March,
I have a request to make. Could you please send me a future hubby?

Thank you my dear March. And of course thousand extra thanks if you can fulfill my last request. Hehehe.
Okay, bye bye!


hanisah said...

hahaha...suh March send nisah future hubby gak! :P

INFINITY said...

Hahahaha. You minta dengan bulan you lah. Hahhahahahhahaha.

lunarwolf said...

..nak future hubby gak!!! bulan oct..lmbt lagi..uhuhuh

Nadiah said...

Cuak tgk kalendar semalam eh apesal dah 1/3, sebab Isnin baru 28/2. Boleh lupa Februari 28 hari je, haru -___-

Khud, teruja weh balik padang golf DESA! :D

INFINITY said...

Lunar: Hang asik pada aku, sila hormat untuk buat wish macam tu. Hahhahahahah.

Nad: Tahu tak pe. Bengong segho banyak benda tak leh nak setel. Jom gi lagi, maybe leh cari future hubby kat situ? Hek hek ek