Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Don't Pull The Trigger

I've been searching what's actually triggering my asthma lately. This week, almost every night I've been suffering with it. Nothing different, in fact, I sweep my room everyday, wiped my table with dettol once perweek, and luckily, the weather is no longer cold and damp as past 2, 3 months.

I am too, has settled down my allergy rhinitis and perfectly breathing with two nostrils widely open. Hehhehe.

This is perhaps not medically scientific or whatever jotted down in the text books, but hey... different patient feels differently, don't they?

So, do you an asthmatic person?

What I do firstly is writing down what are the factors that excellently triggering my asthma. Therefore, I'll try to avoid them.

1. Laughing. Now, don't laugh okay! It's true. Hard to avoid though.

2. Rambutan. Yeah, maybe I open it with my teeth and god knows how billionths bacterias stay there. That's why, I'm trained to soak all the fruits and vegetables in the salty water first and followed with plain water. Just to kill the bacteria, I guess. My dad taught me so.

3. Dust. It can happens as easily as I smell the blanket then haachummmm!

4. Cold. As for me, I really like to face the fan straight to my face. I love the blowing wind but yeah! Don't worry, the next 2, 3 hours, I can feel my chest tightening, wheezing sound and coughing. Clap you hands, Huda! Nice job! -.-"

5. Exercising. Well then, it happens in air-conditioned room. I've already explain long time ago. Please dig out my previous entry.

6. Idiopathic or unknown. Sometimes, this asthma just like to visit me without I ask 'her' to. Duhh.

You may wondering why it still comes? You already list down all of them, avoid and yet, none is working lately. Don't worry, I face the same problem too. 

Since I move in the new single room, I'll try to make sure all above that now in my control, to be controlled. But why? I still need to go to Emergency and have my nebulizer?

Okay, come on. When there're symptoms, there're will be the causes. Follow me.

1. Stress; that can be one factor.

2. This single room providing strong blowing wind; depending at what speed I choose to operate the fan. (Of course it's 5. Hahahhaha)!

3. My room is near to all the pokoksss. I love the darkness, but mosquitoes love it too. I use vaporized Ridsect to help my night clear from all those 'blood thirst' insect. Maybe this is the reason, maybe not. (I guess it's not. I use it almost every semester, the different just there were more than one people in the room).

4. Air wick vaporized perfume. What to do when my room is in front of the toilet. -.-"

5. Look outside please. Yeah! I can see the flowers blooming! With the strong wind, and my windows open? The pollen may has triggered my asthma.

So friends. Asthma can be fatal. Do watch out your asthma attack!

p/s: I tak nikah lagi, tolonggg! Hhahahaha!


Fatin Sakura said...

wahahaha... i will try to give u perfect environment... some day..0_'

INFINITY said...

Err... what do you mean by perfect environment?