Monday, October 18, 2010

Tak Nak Pening Jangan Baca

Dear all my discussion group; Laili, Ika, Nadiah, Riduan and Azah. I have to post it here because facebook is unavailable at this very moment. So, forgive the bad words if any. I make some review regarding DPOAE that we've discussed and here are the explanations that I can understand. Again, forgive me if it is wrong.

Please click on the picture for better view.

Q: At what intensity level given as a stimulus?

A: Based on the equation, it is  L1= 0.4 x L2 + 39 dB (L2 <65 dBSPL)
p/s: Careful with the dBSPL term.

Q: Why the ratio 1.2 is more common?

A: It's commonly used because in order to evoke maximum DPOAE amplitude in greatest number of persons. (Page 505, 506; KATZ)

Q: Which frequency do we plot on audiogram based on DPOAE?

A: F2. 
We discussed it wrong just now as we take distortion product as the frequency response. NO. Distortion product is used to plot the intensity, not frequency.

Q: How to plot it?

A: The frequency of F2 is selected by us as this is the frequency we want to test. Eg: I want to check the response of 500 Hz. So my F2 is 500 Hz, and the level of F1 is calculated as above picture. 

The dB response from the distortion product is actually the estimation threshold for F2. Let say, the product is 10 dB. Therefore, for 500 Hz, the estimated threshold is 10 dB.

To check other frequencies, just follow the step above. Play around with the F2 for your desire frequency to test and calculate the F1 by using the formula. (Ewaaaahh! DESIRE tu!).


Sedikit info.

p/s: Klik atas gambar kalau nak tengok lebih besar dan jelas. :D

p/s/s: Later confirmkan dengan lecturer eh. Sorry for talking too much. I guess I'm not suitable for group discussion. Interrupter. -.-"

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