Monday, October 25, 2010


Everyday seems so much repetitions! Doing clinic, attending on off class, exercising heavy physiotherapy, struggling to sleep every night and fighting to wake up during dawn. What do you expect to wake up at 5 if you only can start sleeping at 2?

I'm really run out of money. But, I have dad. And mom. And stable working sister. And the only eldest sister to feed off but her daily needs costs really expensive. Hahahaha. She eats much but stay skinny! Jealous!

Well, what do I want to stress here is; no matter how pathetic you think you're; others suffer much more than you do. I'm getting poorer everyday with three backup but them?


I'm easier to feel bored thus this is my current academical note.

Hoi seksi tangan bengkok keras macam kayu!


Fatin Sakura said...

hoho...cantek lukisan ....hehehehe

Faizal n Fashitah said...

Hahaha..lukisan tu cute XD

INFINITY said...

Fatin: Macam tu cantik. Adeh. -.-"

Faizal: Kuikui. TQ~