Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ini Antara Sebab Saya Tak Suka Kuala Lumpur

My dad couldn't make it to fetch me this morning. So I had to come home by using any public transport available.

Within 10 years time mostly finished in Kelantan rather than Kuala Lumpur, you bet me how could I recognize which train should I chose? Which side, left or right?

Okay lets make it worse, WHICH WAY?

You don't want to imagine (as me, myself didn't want to imagine), how stupid  my smile was when every time I asked at the counter, it turned up to be, I made the wrong way. Oh! 

And one more thing, I can sleep peacefully whenever I was in train or mini bus! I had to be aware, were the right station arrived yet? Hololo!

I hate KL!


3p4h said...

Ironi.... I love KL [currently at KL]

p/s: Moral of the story: Ask b4 u lost =P

INFINITY said...

Oh No! Hhahahhahhaa. Realylo love KL? :P

Rajin bertanya tu lah yang tahu sesat. Kalau takkkkkkk. :PP

3p4h said...

Really love KL lah.... =)

Kalo tny pn sesat apa mcm mau jd ni? Keh5...

Moral tmbhn: Jgn tidur msa dlm bus, tren dan swktu dgnnya =P

INFINITY said...

Cehhhhh. Sukalah KL awak tu. Tak pe, saya tak berebut. Ambil ambil, murah murah! :D

Itulah, tanya pun sesat lagi. Manusia ramai sangat. -.-"

Ngantuk oi haruslah tidur. Kalau paksa jaga pun, akhirnya TERtidur. :P